Emily Tan
Nov 21, 2014

Cheil builds a ride through a semiconductor chip

SEOUL - Tasked with communicating the high-performance features of Samsung's semiconductors to the curious masses, Cheil Worldwide decided the only thing to do was build a virtual ride that would 'shrink' its audiences to atom size and take them on a detailed tour.

Client: Samsung Electronics

Agency: Cheil Worldwide

Market: Seoul

Campaign scope: The "Semiconductor Virtual Rider" is an installation in Samsung's exhibition space in Seoul, Samsung d'Light. Launched in May 2014, 350,000 people have taken the ride, which recently won the agency a Gold at the Spark Design awards. 

What is it?: A three-minute virtual tour displayed on 30 HD LFD (large format display) monitors mounted in an elevator-like space with a voice guide. 

Press release quote: Jay Hyun Yoo, designer at Cheil Worldwide: “Semiconductors are present in most of the modern electronic devices, from computers and smartphones to televisions, transistor radios and videogame consoles. Without semiconductors, our modern life would be very much different from the current one. In fact, semiconductors are something that exist with us 24/7, like air, but it’s not easy to realize how valuable they are.”

Comments: The inner workings of semiconductor chips are a tough sell, and we admire the effort Cheil has poured into making the experience engaging. Based on the video, we're not entirely convinced about how educational the experience really is. But the goal isn't to make people into experts in the inner workings of nanoscale logic gates. This is a cool and unique effort that could help people relate to complex technology.

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