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Oct 8, 2020

Don't try to find meaning in this wonderfully wacky water campaign

A campaign for 8+ water in Thailand is not meant to be understood. (That's a relief.)

The 'Wonder of water' campaign, by NAWIN Consultant Thailand for 8+ water, raises many questions.

But calm yourself. It's pointless to ask who these people are, why they like to pour water all over things, why they make such odd faces, what on earth you just watched, what it all means or indeed why anyone made any of the decisions that led to the above. There are no answers. Like a bottle of water, the campaign is transparent—and lacks any hidden depths.

If you don't believe Ad Nut, just listen to Golf Nuntawat, founder and 'creative buddy' of the agency that made the work, NAWIN Consultant, who says:

We would like create sense of wonderness to the product and 8+ brand. That's why we make the film not to be understand but feel fresh, powered by 'True' Spandau Ballet tune.

There you have it: It is not to be understood, but merely to feel fresh. And Ad Nut, for one, thinks it's delightful. The deadpan performances, as a dear friend of Ad Nut pointed out, are magnificent. The song, which couldn't have come cheap (if you were a one-hit wonder like Spandau Ballet, you'd set your price in a stratosphere), sets a clean and pleasant tone for a clean and pleasant product. The pointlessly weird situations attract your attention and make you devote a few brain cells to the brand name. And there's nothing wrong with that. Ad Nut knows this much is true.


Agency : NAWIN consultant Thailand
Founder/Creative Buddy : Golf Nuntawat
Marketing Buddy : Jeerapat Wangkeeree, Pitchayaporn Taivejasart, Gib Juengkhajonkiat
Production House : Yellaban Bangkok Thailand
Director : Jazme Chehtae
Asst. DIR 1 : Saiparn Suwannasorn
Asst. DIR 2 : Parin Intarasorn
DOP : Kritsadapol Samanukul
Photographer : Chetsada Worrayano
Production Designer : Patararin Pongprasit
Asst.Creative : Alisa Chaiyamungkalakul
Producer : Chanya Kotcharat
Project manager : Natthika Sawadpanich
Art Director : Meesit Kanjanasantisak
Styling : Supakasem Chanopas
Makeup&Hair : Satanun Graisorn
Edited : Somphop Wongmahasombat , Parin Intarasorn
Motion Graphics : Patiwat Congchouy, Kitja seetusanee , Thanapat thaweesu

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