Brandon Doerrer
Dec 10, 2023

Twitch recaps year with side-scroller and streamer competition

It’s also encouraging streamers to host their own end-of-year recap for their individual communities.

Twitch recaps year with side-scroller and streamer competition

As 2023 comes to a close and companies reflect on their year, Twitch is summing up its past 12 months with a side-scrolling video game and a streamer competition.

In the browser-based 2D platformer, straightforwardly called “The Twitch Recap Game,” players will be tasked with controlling a tiny dinosaur as it runs to the right of the screen and collects goat heads for points. Memes and references to Twitch’s 2023 play in the background.

The game will reference events such as TwitchCon, which was held in Las Vegas for the first time in October. However, It probably won’t touch on debacles such as the community outcry over restrictions on how streamers can monetize branded content or Kai Cenat’s giveaway turning into a riot in Union Square.

Twitch streamers will broadcast themselves playing the game as they compete for a spot on the global leaderboard of high scores. The recap event also comes with an emote that users can send in chat and a badge that the top 10% of most engaged users this year can attach to their usernames. Streamers can plaster clips of themselves playing the recap game on social media.

To celebrate the event, Twitch will show creative across social media, on display ads within streams and on stories, all of which was created in-house.

“We learned a lot from earlier editions of Twitch Recap and are excited to unveil a more extensive and personalized version this year. The design of this year’s campaign is quintessentially Twitch, it’s fun, it’s interactive and it centers the shared contribution of streamers and their communities,” said Rachel Delphin, CMO at Twitch, via email.

Streamers are encouraged to host their own recap broadcasts summing up the past year they had on the platform. Twitch will feature these streams between December 11-18.


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