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Dec 15, 2017

Tencent MIND Awards spotlight digital China’s best and brightest

The ceremony champions the people and teams who created 2017’s standout digital marketing campaigns in China.

Tencent MIND Awards spotlight digital China’s best and brightest

Established in 2010, the Tencent MIND Awards is now in its eighth year, and for its 2017 iteration is welcoming 71 finalists, representing the highest quality of work in China’s fast-growing digital marketing sector. The ceremony as a whole aims to identify and trumpet the work of the individuals, teams and campaigns who have, over the last year, creatively moved the industry forward in leaps and bounds.

More than 20 judges hailing from across the brand spectrum in China will be examining entries and choosing winners, who will take the podium to accept gold, silver and bronze. An overall ‘Grand Prix’ winner will also be selected among gold winners. Judges from agencies include, Tom Wan, CEO, IPG Media Brands, Amrita Ranhdhawa, CEO Mindshare greater China and Twelve Tang, President, Dentsu Shanghai. Brand heads also include Michael Zhang, Corporate Media Director of L’Oreal China and Michelle Yang, Media Head, Coca-Cola. See the full list of judges on the Tencent hub.

Seven industry awards categories are on the docket, covering the sectors of personal and home care; auto; food, pharmaceuticals and insurance; consumer electronics; finance, apparel and others; and beverages. Meanwhile, four individual awards categories are up for grabs, each reflecting a current trend in the digital marketing realm.

  • The Social Media Award at Tencent MIND Awards highlights those who have leveraged the company’s social platforms, integrating campaigns based on Tencent News and Tencent Video products and content.
  • The Branded Content Award honours the most influential and widespread campaigns based on Tencent Video and Tencent News intellectual property. Content marketing campaigns carried out in tandem with Tencent’s other platforms are also included.
  • The Creative Data Award will go to the 2017 campaign which best leveraged the company’s big data assets.
  • The Scene Marketing Award will feature campaigns that integrated products including Tencent Video, Tencent News, WeChat, QQ, and platforms partnering with Tencent like

The categories scoped out here, and their forthcoming winners, should be taken as a sign of the times. As China’s role in the social media, content marketing, big data and co-production sectors gets more and more prominent, the positioning of these award winners is beginning to shift from regional hero to international exemplar.

By China Internet Network Information Center’s (CNNIC) estimate, China is now the world’s largest mobile market, with over 751 million internet users in the country, and 96 percent of the country’s netizens with mobile internet access.  Delving a bit deeper into this demographic, 525 million internet users regularly stream video, 385 million play games online, 502 million use mobile payment and 480 million shop online.  Long story short, opportunity is rife for brands and agencies alike to build meaningful, widespread digital campaigns in the country.

Keep in touch for updates on judges, winners, and more at Tencent MIND Awards, taking place 19 December in Shanghai.



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