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Jan 9, 2015

More CES insights: The future of wearable tech, content creation, commerce

The annual consumer-electronics extravaganza known as CES tends to serve up food for thought for marketers. Some of our US and UK colleagues are attending the show in Las Vegas this week, and we've collected their reports here.

More CES insights: The future of wearable tech, content creation, commerce

The future of wearable technology
Flexible devices for clothing, virtual-reality contact lenses and tools to help hearing impediments are some of the futuristic use cases for rapidly emerging wearables

Ashton Kutcher urges brands to put 'full force' behind social issues
The actor and tech investor says marketers shouldn't be afraid to shake up the incumbent way of doing things

Never mind the booth babes -- here's the future
JWT Intelligence's worldwide director walks the show floor and hobnobs with the White House CTO

Marketing and content creation are merging, but consumers don't mind
Marketing and content creation are merging, but consumers are still savvy enough to tell the difference, according to a panel at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.

All agencies are creative agencies
The convergence of technology and creativity has altered agency collaboration and spawned a generation of narcissistic consumers, panelists at the OMD Oasis argued.

Connected commerce at CES 2015: Redefining retail
Peer into your cardboard, print out some shoes, and ask your refrigerator to pick up some milk.

Intel CEO urges industry to 'step up and do more' about diversity
Brian Krzanich outlines the future of computing and pledges to set industry standard for more diversity.

At CES 2015, functionality beats features
The global strategy director for TBWA's Digital Arts Network reports that specs are giving ground to the way devices fit consumers' lives.

How technology is redefining the live experience
Nothing beats being at a live sports or music event in the flesh, but emerging technologies enable brands to interact with fans in new ways

All the new TVs, wearables, audio, home and car technology
A comprehensive roundup of the latest product launches at CES, courtesy of Stuff, the consumer tech authority.

Self-driving cars and the internet of things
This year's "Cannes for geeks" monster consumer electronics show in Las Vegas features keynote sessions from Ford and Intel, and covers subjects including the changes wrought by mobile.

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