Robert Sawatzky
Jan 8, 2021

Monolith marketing

INSPIRATION STATION: In India, air cooler-maker Symphony leverages global intrigue around these sculptures to promote discussions about nature and sustainability.

Monolith in Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad
Monolith in Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad

Since the discovery of the Utah desert monolith in November prompted global media attention and myriad theories about its origins, similar structures have been appearing around the world in places like Romania, Southern California and England, with further reports of sightings in Colombia and the Netherlands. 

Having taken the internet by storm, with numerous theories about their origins and meanings, these mysterious installations are being compared with similar art movements from half a century ago and have attracted a following from sci-fi lovers around the world.

Monoliths with unexplained appearances in Utah, UK and Romania

Taking inspiration from the growing popularity of these sculptures, air-cooler company Symphony has collaborated with an artist to create a monolith installation in Ahmedabad, India, at its corporate-branded Symphony Forest Park. 

The newly installed seven-foot steel structure is intended to promote conservation of nature and wildlife sanctuaries in India, including the Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat. To make the connection, the triangular prism-shaped sculpture is inscribed with the latitudes and longitudes of various national parks. 

Monolith in Symphony Forest Park in Ahmedabad

The ‘Symphony Forest Park’ itself is a recreation park of 11,000 square meters, aimed at helping citizens rejuvenate with nature with a children's playing area, amphitheater and temple that includes dense grassland and treed areas. As a brand exercise, it ties in with Symphony's sustainability objectives. 

Campaign's take: Associating with a popular cultural phenomenon in nature may attract visitors to the park and gain some recognition for the brand. It remains to be seen, however, whether the deliberate and public installation of such monoliths will have nearly the same allure as the appearance of the unexplained and randomly placed monoliths that have generated discussion around the globe. 

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