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Jul 2, 2019

Hakuhodo unveils new logo

The two dots represent the agency's starting and connection points.

Hakuhodo's new visual identity
Hakuhodo's new visual identity

Japan's second-largest advertising company has unveiled a new 'visual identity' that is being rolled out across the Hakuhodo Group globally. 

The new Hakuhodo logo sports a new black font on white background, with two black dots on either side of the agency name replacing the red squares in it's old logo (see below). 

According to an agency release, the two dots are central symbols in the agency's new identity. The first dot represents the starting point of each Hakuhodo employee. "Each of our employees serves as the start of something as they think, move and take on challenges independently to create new focal points in lifestyles and society," the release said.

The second dot represents a connection point. "We will link ourselves to various social issues and topics for the future, acting as a hub connecting companies, startups, technologies, content holders, local authorities, NPOs and other players to implement new structures in society."

Old Hakuhodo logo

Hakuhodo goes on to note in the release that this 'radical change' to its logo is meant to convey a new group mission to provide value in a connected world, where sei-katsu-sha (the term Hakuhodo uses in place of 'consumer' to mean holistic person) will have unlimited touchpoints and interfaces with industry through IoT technology. 

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