David Blecken
Jun 10, 2015

Hakuhodo and Metaps develop tool to monitor link between apps and TVCs

TOKYO - A collaboration between Hakuhodo and Metaps, a company focused on app monetisation, aims to monitor the impact of TV commercials on app installation and usage.

Hakuhodo and Metaps develop tool to monitor link between apps and TVCs

An agreement between the two companies has led to the development of a new tool, Vision-Graphics for Apps powered by Metaps. Vision-Graphics is a marketing dashboard owned by Hakuhodo, and Metaps Analytics is billed as a user-acquisition, analysis and monetisation platform.

The new product is designed to show the correlation between TV spots and app activity by creating a graphic representation of data based on the installation of apps and in-app activity alongside the airing of related TVCs.

According to a statement from Hakuhodo, the tool “supports diagnostics on the effectiveness of TV commercials as an effective influx route for app installs, as well as integrated management and analysis of the process from user acquisition through to conversion”.

A spokesperson for Hakuhodo explained that app data from Metaps and TV commercial broadcast data from Hakuhodo are brought together on a single dashboard. In order to enable tracking, app developers are obliged to install a mechanism in their products that collects data.

Hakuhodo and Metaps are to continue to work together to develop a new AI-based service to offer solutions through the detection of patterns in big data, according to Hakuhodo.


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