Babar Khan Javed
Nov 29, 2017

Google Trends can now link data across search formats

Update offers advertisers and publishers more real-time data on the popularity of search terms and related searches.

Google Trends can now link data across search formats

In a bid to give advertisers and publishers a single dashboard for information on search results, Google has updated Google Trends to include search terms from searches conducted on YouTube, Shopping, Images and News.

In a blog post announcing the move, Simon Rogers, the data editor for Google News Lab, said that Google Trends gives users a peek into what people are searching for.

"Now you can see the world in real-time through more lenses: News, Shopping, Images and YouTube," he said. "We’re opening up more data to show what people in the world are looking for, as they’re looking for it—whether it’s just out of curiosity, to write a story or something else."

Available worldwide on desktop and mobile, the latest update on Google Trends offers advertisers and publishers even more real-time data on the popularity of search terms and their related searches.

"These updates on Google Trends give you more options to drill down into the data and glean better and more accurate insights across multiple search parameters (Images, Video, News, and Shopping)," said Erik Magelssen, the digital content director of Click2View. "Importantly, we can craft more targeted stories focused on what the underlying the trend is, with a clearer idea of the actual behaviors and actions of users."

Considered to be one of the integral tools for content marketing, Google Trends has allowed advertisers and publishers to plan out Hero, Hub, and Help content in accordance to search, often relying on the latent semantic index to map out future content.

"With more than a billion users on Google, search continues to be a big part of people's lives as they look for more information, images, videos as well as items to purchase," said Dušan Farrington, Communications Manager, Google Asia Pacific. "The new additions to Google Trends, particularly the Shopping tab, segments data even further, generating useful insights about what consumers are looking to buy over any period of time."

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