Carol Huang
Aug 3, 2020

E-commerce finally becomes a force in Hong Kong

ASIA's TOP 1000 BRANDS: Online emporium HKTVmall jumps into the top echelon of Hong Kongers' favourite locally based brands.

E-commerce finally becomes a force in Hong Kong


In a city that has famously resisted addiction to online shopping over the last several years, the last 12 months have proven to be a turning point. The trend is showing an evolution toward convenient lifestyle, and ecommerce is finally a serious force.

This change is apparent in the our research into Hong Kong's favourite local brands. As part of our Asia's Top 1000 Brands research, we ask consumers the following: "What do you think is the strongest local brand in your market? By ‘strongest local brand’ we mean a brand that originates from your market, has the best reputation and resonates most strongly with those living in this market."

2020 2019
Park N Shop Park N Shop
Vita/Vitasoy Vita/Vitasoy
HKTVmall Lee Kum Kee
Watson MTR
Lee Kum Kee TVB
Garden Garden
Cathay Pacific Wellcome
Wellcome Cathay Pacific
Kee Wah Bakery Maxim's

The biggest change this year is the rocket-speed growth of HKTVmall. Back in 2019, the brand was still ranking somewhere around 80. Within 12 months, it has jumped to fourth on the local-favourites list.

As the social unrest of 2019 and the pandemic of 2020 stopped people from going out, the company's delivery service became a lifeline to many consumers. The brand sells everything from fresh food to home appliances. In addition to delivery, customers can also choose to pick up goods from the closest offline store. These bricks-and-mortar shops are often located near MTR stations, and stand out with a striking yellow colour.

Other brands are also serving the increasing demand for the convenience of technology. Longtime local favourite Watsons now allows customers to order online and pick up in its shops. It was also one of the first stores in Hong Kong to start selling facemasks during the pandemic. Park N Shop upped its game in delivery starting in February when the pandemic started. HSBC has been aggressively pushing its digitisation process with its main banking app and fast-payment app, PayMe.

Watsons and HKTVmall squeezed the MTR and TVB out of the top 10. And locals seem to have elevated one cakeshop at the expense of another, as Maxim's, which ranked 10th in 2019, was replaced by Kee Wah bakery.

The MTR, TVB and Maxim's (which also runs restaurants) all got caught up in the unrest last year and suffered because of what the public perceived as pro-government stances or actions. 

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