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Aug 31, 2015

Commercial properties make people happier in Hong Kong

From Hong Kong: 'Fresh market' and 'Shopping mall', for LINK Real Estate Investment Trust by DDB Group Hong Kong

Commercial properties make people happier in Hong Kong

These cute TVCs stress the community-service role played by a commercial property developer called LINK Real Estate Investment Trust. In the first, a go-getter little girl drags her tired mom around all day, until they both perk up and enjoy some fun and games in a local shopping emporium. In the second, a husband learns to cook when his wife is forced to work overtime (although the ad takes pains to stress that she can't cook anyway). 

The branding campaign, titled ‘We link people to a brighter future’, includes the two TVCs, print and outdoor. It's the result of DDB winning a four-way pitch for a rebranding exercise.

In a press release, George Hongchoy, executive director and CEO at LINK, hints at why the brand felt it needed to do some touchy-feely work:

Our facilities primarily serve the daily needs of nearby residents. As an extension of the living space of local residents, they form a part of community life. Our facilities provide the ‘glue’ that connects people. However, there are misconceptions in Hong Kong. 

Hongchoy didn't elaborate on these "misconceptions", but Ad Nut assumes that he is referring to the fact that many people see commercial property developers as greedy, soulless entities that relentlessly raise rents, which frequently pushes venerated mom-and-pop shops out of business and leaves most districts viable only for the same-stuff-different-place outlets of large, greedy, soulless corporations (often the very same large, greedy, soulless corporations).

Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that.

Said Clifford Ng, ECD at DDB Group Hong Kong: 

The campaign embodies LINK’s commitment to provide the families and tenants they serve with an environment in which they can relax and bond with each other. Our TVCs are just two examples of the ways in which LINK’s asset enhancement initiatives are bringing positive change to the surrounding communities and connecting people around it.

Ad Nut will leave it as an exercise for the reader to judge whether these ads are convincing enough to overcome any pesky "misconceptions".

(Ad Nut has reached out for the agency for further comment and will update this post if elaboration is provided.) LINK provided this statement from BC Lo, director of corporate communications and external relations: 

There are misconceptions of LINK in Hong Kong. LINK is not merely a real estate investment trust (REIT) but a brand that connects people in Hong Kong. In fact, the campaign demonstrates LINK’s asset enhancement initiatives in shopping malls and fresh markets which are bringing positive change to the surrounding communities and connecting people around it.

As for the work itself, it's cute. Ad Nut only wonders why couples in Hong Kong advertising are seemingly required to act inane and talk in baby-talk voices at all times. Is there an ordinance about this?


Agency: DDB Group Hong Kong
General Manager: Irene Tsui
Executive Creative Director: Clifford Ng
Creative Directors: Jay Lee, Nateepat Jaturonrasmi, Leung Chung, Vincent Tse
Senior Art Director: Yvonne Yip
Associate Art Director: Ariya Hagihara
Copywriter: Chelsea Chung
Business Director: Valiant Yip
Group Account Director: Debby Lai
Account Manager: Fiona Mok
Head of Broadcast: Annie Tong
Senior Planner: Adrian Tso
Planner: Timothy Wong


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