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Jun 6, 2022

Cannes Contenders: UltraSuperNew picks top five APAC campaigns

Sarah Emmanuel-Cheong picks APAC campaigns that have a chance of scoring a Cannes Lions this year.

Sarah Emmanuel-Cheong, UltraSuperNew
Sarah Emmanuel-Cheong, UltraSuperNew

In our Cannes Contenders series, creatives in the region pick standout APAC campaigns projected to score an award. This time, Sarah Emmanuel-Cheong, general manager of independent creative agency UltraSuperNew, picks five notable campaigns. 

Campaign: The Reinvention of Pretty
Brand: Mercedes-Benz (Thailand)
Category: Brand Experience

Whatever lofty things a brand might say about itself come crashing down if, at the foundation, its message is hypocritical. We like this idea because it is a no-brainer, but in a good way. Sexist tropes are being booted out, and it does help that a brand with Mercedes-Benz’s stature is able to set a precedent, as they should.

Campaign: Bioscope Stories vs Bollywood
Brand: Red Dot Foundation
Category: Glass Lion for Change

What a goliath to take on to make a point. With targets trained at Bollywood, and large cultural context to mine from, the work shows potential to spread itself across multiple mediums effectively, never losing impact.

Campaign: It’s Just a Period
Brand: Stayfree
Category: PR

The format seems familiar for advertising folk—surprising people with a twisty premise, before revealing the grand noble message. But we do have to doff our hats to the intention—normalising what should be positive, regular conversations.  

Campaign: Game Responsibly
Brand: Battlegrounds Mobile India
Category: Film Craft

Here only for the carrom board grandma losing her shit, and insane sound design. 10 points.

Campaign: City Hall of Love
Brand: Close Up
Category: PR

We don’t know why a toothpaste brand is leading a conversation on equal rights, but honestly, we really don’t care who does. Anyone with the means to spread a positive message, please do your best.

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