Jason Wincuinas
Jun 17, 2014

Branding with programmatic buying: Next in our webinar series

HONG KONG - You’ve heard of RTB as real-time bidding, but what about the idea of real-time branding? Online advertising offers brands more options for taking advantage of context, news cycles and popular trends than any previous technology. But using it effectively can still be elusive. Our next webinar asks experts to shed some light on the subject.

Branding with programmatic buying: Next in our webinar series

Remarking on the position of programmatic buying strategies in most media plans, Phil Cowlishaw, the head of technology for Ikon communication, remarked that the approach often gets pushed to a direct-response corner, but he contends there’s a lot more that can be done with it.

A well-executed awareness-building effort can use the same tools as a shorter-term, call-to-action campaign. This is not a case of trying to drive in the subtle twists of a screw with the blunt force of a hammer; rather it’s more of a shift in technique.

Think of Impressionist painters in the 19th-century. When they first burst on the scene, using tiny bits of paint to build up big pictures that captured light and emotion, the concept violated existing rules and conventions. Academics rejected the artists, but history shows the rest of us embraced them. The tiny pixels of a Monet painting can fetch as much as the realist brush stokes of a Rembrandt at auction (sums well over $100 million). And the impact those paintings have on museum goers around the world are just as dramatic today.

In our industry, emotional impact and impressions are the essential thing behind commercial results. People understand a good value proposition (like a coupon) but they also understand what they simply like. People buy your brand sometimes because maybe it costs less but they are more likely to keep buying it if they just like it better than the other brand. And while the full realism of a TVC is still an accepted way to make that emotional connection, the smaller bits of data and display that online advertising can bring together across screens can also build up a big picture that connects with consumers.

Branding the Programmatic, Multi-Channel Way
Part 2 of the Campaign Asia-Pacific webinar series on programmatic buying, presented in conjunction with Turn

Date: Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Time: 07:30 am India | 10 am Singapore/Hong Kong | Noon Sydney


Cindy Deng, Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, TURN

Phil Cowlishaw Head of Technology, Ikon Communications

Bonin Bough Vice-President of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International

Moderator: Jason Wincuinas, Managing Editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific

Free Registration

In our next webinar we’ll be talking to Cowlishaw and other experts to learn more about how brands can harness browsing behaviours across screens, transition away from just capturing the most eyeballs with broadcast techniques and instead get in front of the right eyeballs with a programmatic approach. We’ll talk about how marketers can pursue the goal of leveraging the least amount of impressions to drive the most reaction.

At the same time we’ll address the real concerns brands have about the web’s vastness and the perceived peril of ads showing up against unacceptable content. Demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad networks have filtering and content-parameter features that give marketers control in the wild, wild web. And as more data comes online in Asia, those checks and balances are improving. By tuning in on 25 June you can learn more about what’s in the programmatic pipeline and have the chance to post questions to the panelists. This is a unique opportunity from Campaign Asia-Pacific, working in conjunction with Turn, so take advantage for your business or clients and register today. It’s free, thanks to Turn, even if you are not a Campaign subscriber.

In addition to attending live, registrants will be able to view the webinar on-demand after it takes place.


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