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Dec 7, 2023

40 Under 40 2023: Chris Egan Roxas, XS Multimedia

A fireball of energy and creativity, Roxas is a true catalyst for change in the world of advertising.

40 Under 40 2023: Chris Egan Roxas, XS Multimedia
Proven leaders with path-breaking expertise

Chris Egan Roxas

Founder / CEO / Executive creative director
XS Multimedia

When Roxas  founded his advertising agency XS Multimedia in 2013, he may not have realised that he was attempting to revolutionise how things are done in the advertising industry. The very idea of consolidating everything from conceptualisation to final artwork under one roof set a benchmark for efficiency and excellence and a suit for others to follow. Roxas’ hard work bore fruits when within three years in the business, the agency was recognized as the fifth ‘Hardest Working Startup’ in the world at the 2013 Web Summit in Dublin and made it to Red Herring’s ‘Top 100 Emerging Companies in Asia’.

Weathering the challenges of the pandemic with resilience and aplomb, Roxas rebuilt XSM with a small team of 12 members and a hybrid office setup. All the blood and sweat that was put into rebuilding the agency did not go waste, as Roxas signed thirty new clients within nine months of 2023, showcasing his tenacity and ability to seize opportunities.

A fearless leader who likes to challenge industry norms, Roxas believes in fostering an environment where teamwork thrives. His ‘Brutally Creative’ mantra showcases his undying passion for promoting all things creative. From a one-man team, Roxas transformed XS Multimedia into a network of six globally recognized companies, highlighting unwavering commitment to excellence.

Roxas has been spot-on in recognising talent and creative resources. He turned an XSM student scholar into a graphic artist and a web developer into an operations head. He has also been providing aspiring talents first-hand experience and industry insights via his intensive internship programs.

Roxas likes to stay ahead of the curve and does not shy away from rebranding and reinvention if required. Under his leadership, XSM secured the 2023 Hashtag Asia Award for Best Social Media Campaign for Facebook. His legacy is not just about reaching the top but propelling others forward, creating lasting change, and embracing the unknown with a ‘brutally creative’ mindset. 

Proven leaders with path-breaking expertise


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