Adrian Peter Tse
Aug 28, 2015

Updated: Google's shift from clicks to 'micro-moments'

ASIA-PACIFIC - Mobile has changed the face of digital marketing analytics. Ad networks, media companies and social platforms have played up social data and behaviour-oriented consumer insights. And now even Google is changing its rhetoric on digital marketing.

At an event in Hong Kong, Simon Kahn, chief marketing officer at Google Asia-Pacific, told Campaign Asia-Pacific that “consumer intent” is at the centre of Google’s focus on “micro-moments”.

Similar shifts can also be seen at Facebook, LinkedIn, and other media networks.

Kahn said that that advertisers in the region need to have a more expansive look at their metrics and “go beyond clicks”, which the Google ad network was built on in addition to search. While ‘micro-moments’ is still in its infancy, Kahn explained that Google is working with advertisers and clients in the region to better understand consumer behaviour and marketing opportunities in the mobile-era. Watch the video for more.


Update, 1 September: After we published this item, Google got in touch to provide some additional insight into the question asked at the end of the above video regarding analytics. Google said:

Consumer behavior has undergone a massive shift: the consumer journey has fragmented from a series of predictable media sessions to many "micro-moments," where people turn to the nearest device—usually a smartphone—to solve an immediate need. 

We have been investing in cross-device technologies for the last two years most recently we brought cross-device measurement to DoubleClick in June 2015. The goal is to help marketers understand the impact of mobile ads on their business both on Google properties and across the web. 

We have also developed mobile-first formats and measurement tools like Google Analytics that help measure and optimize every moment that matters on mobile sites and apps.

Slides from Google's micro-moments presentation:


Micro-moments present new marketing opportunities
On average, consumers reach for their mobile 150 times a day

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