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Oct 1, 2021

The voice of Siri wants your website to be more accessible

In this pitch for web accessibility technology firm UserWay, Susan Bennett uses her instantly-recognisable voice to help people, then asks businesses to do the same.

Amid all the forest chatter, there are some voices that just stand out when you hear them. Ad Nut's distant relative, Scaredy Squirrel, for instance, has an unmistakeably anxious stammer, always asking for help.

Ad Nut much prefers the voices that actually provide help. Like that of Susan Bennett, the voice behind one of the world's most popular voice assistants, Siri.  

In a new ad for UserWay, an internet accessibility technology group, Bennett's instantly-recognisable voice can be heard pointing out directions and useful information to passers-by, sometimes preventing them from digital dangers. 

But she points out that she can't always assist everyone, such as the millions with disabilities who face inaccessible websites. Bennett then points out how installing UserWays AI-widget and inserting a line of code can often be really helpful for many who need to access websites differently. 

Behind the scenes 

"I feel honored to be included in such an important project," Bennett said of the project. "Being Siri made me the doorway to online services for millions of people, and I am excited to raise my unique voice and open those doors further, particularly to people with disabilities."

It's a great casting choice for a brand looking to provide digital assistance to many who need it. The message is clear and simple. 

Ad Nut wonders about the process UserWay had to go through to get Bennett's voice into the ad, since Siri is trademarked by Apple Inc. Do note that Apple has not sponsored or endorsed, and is not otherwise affiliated with, UserWay and its products and services.

Just pointing that out to be helpful. 

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