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Mar 11, 2021

Pregnancy can be painful, and so is this insurance ad

AXA's three-and-a-half-minute broad comedy about the challenges of pregnancy is tough to endure. And it feels like it's about nine months long.

Elsewhere today, Ad Nut praised a campaign that's hard to look away from (see "Which of these disease sufferers deserves your donation more?"). But here we have the exact opposite: a video that's so obvious, unfunny and clumsy with its selling points that's it's nearly impossible to watch all the way through.

It's from AXA Insurance and it's called 'Pam’s “Perfect” Life: A Bumpy Ride'. It's promoting AXA's 'EmpoweredMum' offering, a prenatal plan in Singapore that provides a benefit for early delivery by caesarean section and 'free' first-year health insurance cover for newborns.

That sounds like a good product. So why promote it with such an amatuerish approach? Ad Nut supposes we should be grateful they didn't do another weird street play.

This pretty much sums up Ad Nut's feelings.
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