Emily Tan
Jan 26, 2018

Philips launches global campaign around Davos that asks why healthcare can't be better

The campaign builds on last year's initiative on the future of health.

During this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Philips has launched a campaign in which children question why things have to be the way they are when it comes to healthcare.The campaign builds on the success of last year's initiative in which the brand asked what children would create to change the world.

"Each year, about 0.001% of the world's business, political and non-governmental entities and tech people gather at Davos to make decisions about the future. This feels pretty far removed from the average person and one of the things we believe in at Philips is access to democratised and value-based healthcare," Blake Cahill, global head of digital and social marketing for Philips, said regarding the brand's motivations for the campaign. 

"So last year, we asked ourselves, how do we break through and provide a proof point and a picture of tomorrow? The decisions being made today will impact tomorrow and listening to the voices of youth, what they think about healthcare seemed to be the best way forward," Cahill said.

"When we compared against other health companies that were also at Davos last year, we commanded a greater than 30% share of voice during the event," Cahill said. 

This year's campaign has kickstarted with a main film (above) and social edits. These accompany a call to action encouraging audiences to submit their own children’s questions using #YoungWEF.

"Our approach this year is to challenge and ask why. Why can’t a doctor always tell you what’s wrong? Why are there no doctors or hospitals to go to when you’re sick? Why is keeping people active good for everyone?" Cahill said. 

These videos were produced by One Voice, a network of communication agencies created for Philips by Omnicom and amplified via Philips' own in-house social media team.

The second phase, which will kick off in spring, features a "A Podcast Called Why?" which will aggregate all questions submitted by parents and select four questions to be featured in a 4-part podcast.  

A panel of Philips experts will answer healthcare related questions sourced from children around the globe in a series composed of 20 minute episodes, subtitled for market reach. 

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