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Mar 2, 2018

NRL returns with celebration of diversity

Ninety-second spot launching the new rugby league season in Australia does a fine job of hitting all the sports ad tropes.

Ad Nut wants to feel apathetic towards the latest effort from Australia's National Rugby League to launch the start of the new season. 

There's not much that feels particularly original about 'This is How We League'. 'Sport the great unifier' is a well-known message across all disciplines, and that's what we've got in this 90-second spot from R/GA. High production values, rousing millennial-facing industrial electronic soundtrack, the celebrity reveal at the end, snapshots of pure fan euphoria smashed against fillips of raw elite sporting intensity.

It's nothing new. And yet... Ad Nut's heart can't help but beat quicker, the hairs all over Ad Nut's body tingle with a frisson of electricity, despite knowing exactly what to expect. 

To its credit, the advert makes excellent use of contrasting light and dark, shadows and spotlight, which maximises the fervour being built up. Additionally, that the video so clearly celebrates the diversity of NRL fans, teams and players is laudable.

Ad Nut is not so familiar with NRL, but appreciated the balance between being an ad for all to enjoy, and what seems like plenty of fan in-jokes for seasoned watchers to chew over. 

The campaign extends into social media to, with a mobile site allowing fans to share custom memes via Facebook. A lovely idea, but let's just hope these fans remember to look up from their phones and at the action itself. 

Ad Nut is so fired up that you may have to watch out an upcoming launch: The SRL (squirrel rugby league).


Creative agency: R/GA Sydney
Production: Collider Films
Music supervision: Anton @ Trailer Media
Online & grade: White Chocolate
Sound: Song Zu
Media: Blue 449

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