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Oct 12, 2018

Neymar Jr and Emily Ratajkowski kick zombie butt in Replay ad for China

It's not nearly as cool as it sounds.

Replay is an Italian jeans brand that counts China as one of its key markets. Neymar Jr is a football star from Brazil who plays for a French team. Emily Ratajkowski is an American model and actress born in London. 180 Kingsway is a creative agency based in Amsterdam. This film was shot at the Stade De France football stadium in Paris, except for the cartoon bits, which are inspired by Chinese kung-fu flicks and Japanese manga and anime styles, and were done by a Paris animation house. The music is by The Boom Shot Squad, featuring "Chinese rap sensations" 纹身师WendyNoNo and 裴云帆 JP (Ad Nut is taking a press release's word on that part).

Verily Ad Nut says unto you, that it is inspiring to see such international collaboration taking place in this age of political and trade-based enmity between nations. 

Unfortunately, it all adds up to a boring, predictable snore-fest. Zombies getting kicked through walls and smashed by baseball bats, you say? Ad Nut hasn't seen that eleventy bajillion times. 

Worse, the video doesn't even bother to follow through on the setup inherent in its title. Neither the supposed stiff-leggedness that the zombies suffer due to their inferior taste in jeans, nor the flexibility that the two protagonists enjoy due to their intelligent choice of Hyperflex+ jeans, plays any part whatsoever in the "plot", such as it is. Come to think of it, zombies were a lousy choice if you were trying to show the drawbacks of stiff-legged jeans, as they're generally pretty stiff to begin with. Being, you know, stiffs.

Come to think of it further, are regulars jeans really that stiff? 

Ad Nut would also like to lodge a complaint about one-sided objectification. If you're going to have a completely gratuitous and lingering ass shot of one of your leads, you really should have a completely gratuitous and lingering ass shot of your other lead. After all, people (and woodland creatures!) want to see Neymar Jr's ass clad in flexible Hyperflex+ denim too! Perhaps the footballer's contract precludes that kind of thing, but if you do what these creators have done, you end up looking like a sexist who maybe brought the model/actress in solely for the completely gratuitous and lingering ass shot.

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