Matthew Miller
Dec 9, 2014

Merciless Shark destroys oily muscle men

JAPAN - A group of well-greased Japanese gentlemen stand in for stovetop grime, then get what's coming to them courtesy of a steam cleaner in a new campaign airing in Japan.

Client: Shop Japan's Shark steam cleaner (Shop Japan is a brand of Oak Lawn Marketing)

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo

Market: Japan

Campaign scope: TVC (above), an equally entertaining/sadistic "tutorial" video (below) and a microsite. The agency also created the "unique mnemonic logo" that appears in the ads, to aid recall. The TVC launched on 4 December and is running through 21 December, mainly in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya. 

Press release quote: "Saatchi & Saatchi Fallon Tokyo personified...grease in the form of macho bodybuilders revelling in their oil, grinning up at you from the surface of your stove, as if mocking your efforts to wash them away."


TVC (above):

Steam is powerful.
Slimy. Sticky.
Grease stains on the stovetop.
Shark with its 100 Degrees Dry Steam
melts away tough grease stains easily.
Cleaning is steam power.
Goodbye, grease stains.
Steam is Shark.
Spring cleaning campaign is on now.

Tutorial video (below):

Steam is powerful.
Grease stains that stick around forever on stove tops.
Shark, with its 100 degrees high temperature dry steam
Grease stains are removed in mere moments
So how exactly does 100 degrees high temperature dry steam
get rid of grease stains?
Please watch this video to understand what we mean.

Here we go.
Greasy, slimy, icky and crusty grease stains
are removed in moments.
Your year-end cleaning is a sure success.
Just wipe with a towel and you’re done.
Cleaning is steam power
Steam is Shark.
Farewell, grease stains.

Comments: We wish we could have been witness to the brainstorming session that led to this rather odd (but also oddly compelling) concept. We also hope that the actors in the tutorial (below) were paid well for their suffering.


Creative Director / Yoshishige Takei
Designer / Keisuke Hara
Director of Client Services / Maiko Itami
Account Supervisor / Hidenobu Ogata


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