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May 4, 2022

LinkedIn makes space for employees in India to find their professional tribe

Watch the film conceptualised by The Glitch.

LinkedIn has rolled out a campaign in India titled 'Space for you’ to highlight how its members are eager to connect with like-minded professionals, especially in a post-pandemic market.   

Conceptualised by The Glitch, the film, through the medium of an ever-expanding table represents how LinkedIn is a universal, communal space for everyone.   

The film opens up to a desk, with a young woman ponders her career pathways. It then shows the protagonist joined by an entire community of fellow professionals who are navigating their future as well. As more and more people pull up chairs and even additional tables to join her, the film reflects how LinkedIn celebrates every kind of career, right from creators to entrepreneurs and corporate professionals, among others. As the lead protagonist walks across the infinite table, she watches a diverse set of people engaged in their unique professional element and shares tea with one of them. As she finally finds a like-minded tribe and pulls up her chair to chat with them, the film draws to a close with the tagline 'find your space on LinkedIn.'  

Ngaire Moyes, vice president, communications and brand, international, LinkedIn, said, “The pandemic prompted many people to rethink what they want from work and life, and we’ve seen that first-hand on LinkedIn as people have reached out to their community for help and support as they consider what’s next for them. We’re committed to fostering a sense of community for our members, inspiring them to open up, talk, help, and support each other. With Space For You, we wanted to shine a light on how our professional community can help people discover what’s next for them, and how LinkedIn is a space where they can connect with diverse people and spark conversations about their careers. Wherever your career is right now, there is always a space for you on LinkedIn.”  

Matthew Lloyd, deputy executive creative director, VCCP, said, “People are asking big questions about life and work. The need for a supportive, like-minded community to help navigate the way, is greater now than ever. We wanted to showcase the breadth of conversations and support you can find on LinkedIn, no matter who you are or what your career questions are. With LinkedIn as the universal communal space — a table — we show the platform as a place for honest conversations, human connections, speeches, statements, agreements, disagreements, or sometimes just a place to sit and listen.”  

Sunetro Lahiri, vice president, creative services, The Glitch, said, “Given how heterogenous Indian culture is, it was exciting to localise the metaphorical communal table by weaving in a rich diversity story that India could afford to own. With wildly diverse communities, interests and passions running across different spaces, the best part of this narrative was the canvas we could create while painting in the colourful strokes that Indian workforce experiences allow us to. And along the way, we decided to create these magical capsules that showcase how the new realities of single parents, visible gender diversity, age, ethnicity, and geographies are no longer a barrier in the journey of connections. We wanted to create a reality where all this could happen, and where everyone truly has a space they can see themselves fitting in.”  

This campaign is being rolled out across TV, OTT, and digital.

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