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Jul 4, 2017

Kia loves its hamsters, but they seem to lack 'Soul'

Maybe give the weirdly large rodents a rest now?

South Korean automaker Kia and agency David & Goliath have made a whole series of ads for the US market featuring bizarre, human-sized hamsters. In the latest one, above, a frightening 'baby' of the species wreaks havoc while trying—for reasons that are never explained—to escape from the hospital where it's presumably just been born.

Nope, it doesn't make any sense. It's also not even slightly convincing from a special effects standpoint—watch how the creature seems to float across surfaces, lacking any real sense of heft. Worse, the makers apparently felt they had to resort to annoying music at ear-splitting volume in an attempt to make the clip have any impact.

The hamsters, who have been cavorting for Kia since at least 2010, may once have been amusing. But it's long past time for Kia to send them off to a nice, out of the way habitat, with lots of plastic tubes and a nice wheel, where they won't bother anyone anymore.

Also, if Kia really wants creatures in its ads, may Ad Nut make a suggestion?

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