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Oct 4, 2019

Hair 101: Pantene targets Chinese university students

THE WORK: 'Freshman fresh look' for Pantene by Grey Group Hong Kong.

Ah, autumn, the time of year when squirrels scurry around burying nuts for winter, while human young people enter universities to bury their noses in books.

The above work from Grey Group Hong Kong for Pantene pays tribute to these studious, serious young adults and their single-minded dedication to academic excellence.

Just kidding. It's about a hair rivalry.

Part of the brand's 'Great Hair Changes Everything' platform, the vertical-video campaign is created for China social-site Douyin. The agency says it's based on the "insight" that university is the first time that young people get to make their own sartorial choices after years under strict school rules, and thus they might need a little education about haircare.

At this point Ad Nut could launch into a rant about how the story is incredibly shallow and reinforces antiquated gender-role stereotypes. Ad Nut could carry on (and on) about how young women should be encouraged to work hard so they can save our damned world instead of focusing on how to flip their lustrous locks coquettishly.

But Ad Nut is just not feeling it today. It's a shampoo ad. What do you expect? Besides, Ad Nut isn't above spending inordinate time and money on fur care in order to outshine rivals. You don't think a gorgeous tail like Ad Nut's comes easy, do you?   

The campaign also includes the use of "university influencers" and a call for people to make their own before and after posters (example below).


Group Creative Director: Christopher Lee
Brand Experience Creative Director: Jason Cornelius
Creative Director: Claudia Wong
Sr Copywriter: Jia She
Art Director: Kimmy Kong
Business Partner: Duffy Lau
Sr Account Director: Jesppie Poon
Sr Account Manager: Frankie Lo
Sr Account Executive: Fred Yeung

Brand Director: Mckey Lin, Yammy Yang
Communication Director: Heidi Wang
Brand Manager: Tingting Wu, Celia Huang, Iris Wu
Communication Manager: Erric Li

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