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Oct 14, 2021

Everyone wants in on Starhub WiFi in TSLA ad

How one Singaporean family became the envy of its neighbours.

No matter which broadband provider you have, chances are you've had gaps in service from time to time. And thanks to Murphy's Law, these dropouts will always hit in the middle of your corporate presentation to hundreds of people. 

As you look up at the mixed reactions of your colleagues frozen pixellated faces, from sympathy to schadenfreude, your panic turns to anger at the potential sources of disruption. Is your room mate using that high-resolution bandwidth-sucking device just to catch up with friends? Is your neighbour tapping into your WiFi to watch YouTube?  

Yet we know that tracing the source of your WiFi issues is like hunting ghosts. The WiFi gods giveth and they taketh away and nearly always we knoweth not why. Inevitably this leads to a feeling that the WiFi grass by rival services is cleaner and greener with fewer disruptive weedy patches.  

With this in mind, The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) has come up with a fun little spot for broadband provider Starhub which plays on our superstitions and longing for stable service. In the ad, one Singaporean family goes to great lengths to find the best spot to temporarily tap into their neighbours' stable Starhub service.

Yes, the happy family upstairs with the Starhub service would most likely be smart enough to lock their service to others. Maybe it's so stable they smugly don't need to. Could paying a good provider really trump praying to the good WiFi gods? At least in this case, Starhub can hang its pitch on being rated number one for broadband by the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore. 

But excuse Ad Nut for continuing to keep claws crossed while watching, hoping and praying the broadband doesn't give out mid-commercial. 


Client: StarHub
Agency: The Secret Little Agency
Production: Abundant Pictures
Director: Jessie James 

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