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Nov 2, 2023

Colgate Maxfresh brushes away morning goof-ups

Watch the film here

Colgate-Palmolive (India) has rolled out a campain 'neend bhagao, taazgi jagao', (drive away sleep, awaken freshness), to underscore the concept of morning drowsiness through Maxfresh and the idea that sleepiness can lead people to act out of character.  

The film, through a whimsical narrative, showcaes a drowsy doctor sauntering in an operation room. The doctor is humorously bearing a bed strapped to his back, symbolising his incomplete awakening. His groggy state leads to a series of comical mishaps that leave everyone astonished. To get revive him and wake him, the senior nurse comes to the rescue, offering him Colgate Maxfresh to put him on high alert. The film aims to underscore the significance of the brand in starting one's day bright and alert, guaranteeing a goof-up-free morning.  

Anaswar Rajagopal, director, toothpaste (family and equity), marketing, Colgate-Palmolive India, said, “It is a universal truth that you don’t feel like yourself if you are not fully awake. Consequently, during such moments, you find yourselves making silly mistakes like- boarding an elevator without pressing the desired floor button, locking the house door only to realise that the car keys are left behind, or sending a long email and missing out on the attachment! Colgate MaxFresh understands you and gets you ready for a goof up free morning. The toothpaste ‘instantly’ wakes you up with a burst of intense freshness, setting the tone for a vibrant start. With this ad film, we wanted to create exaggerations of possible slip ups to drive home the message that brushing with Maxfresh gives you a jolt of morning freshness that makes you alert and wakeful."

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