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Feb 27, 2018

Apple celebrates marriage equality overly white wedding?

TVC for iPhone X shows newly married couples enjoying their first dance. Nonetheless, our resident grump finds something to rant about.

Ad Nut always cries at weddings, especially in countries that have recently changed their laws to make marriage available to all citizens.

So this Apple ad showing some same-sex couples in Australia enjoying their 'First dance'? It's a great thing to see, and Ad Nut applauds the brand for marking an historic moment.

At the risk of spoiling the celebration, however, Ad Nut can't help making an observation. The song in the ad is 'Never Tear Us Apart', originally by Australia's own INXS and compellingly covered here by Australia's own Courtney Barnett. It's moving. It fits. But the song that started running through Ad Nut's head while watching was Billy Idol's "White Wedding".

Sure, this TVC is meant to reflect Australia, where people of European ancestry are currently in the majority. And yes, Ad Nut saw some diversity among the well-wishers. But still, in a piece of work explicitly focused on equality, couldn't we have some more shades of the skin-colour rainbow represented?

You may say Ad Nut's being overly sensitive. But as shown by the massive success of and reaction to the superhero flick Black Panther in the US, it's important for people of all hues to see themselves in pop culture. 

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