Gurjit Degun
Jul 27, 2022

Amazon Books brings reading to life with mixed media global campaign

'That reading feeling awaits' has been created by Droga5 London.

Amazon is inspiring people to read more and let their imaginations come alive as it promotes its Books division.

The global campaign "That reading feeling awaits", by Droga5 London, aims to celebrate the place of books as a "foundation of culture" and encourage people to stop scrolling through social media.

It shows people escaping from busy life with a book. A woman sits outside on some steps reading when a large creature appears in the middle of the street, while another woman is in a cafe, where small animated characters pop up on the table in front of her. The film covers five different genres.

The work will run in the UK and US, primarily online and supported by social, digital, out of home and a 3D special build at Penn Station in New York.

The social and OOH iterations were created by 20 different illustrators for assets that pair simple photography with illustrated thoughts jumping off the page.

Josh Fein, director of worldwide marketing at Amazon Books, said: "I get to work with a team of passionate readers who want to inspire reading and help you find your next favourite book. 'That reading feeling awaits' is our call to crack open that hardcover or switch on your Kindle to feel the rewards of the immersive reading experience."

The campaign has been created by Chris Russell and Ahmed Ellabib. It was directed by Tom Noakes through Prettybird.

Matt Hubbard, creative director at Droga5 London, added: "There's a magic to reading that modern-day media like streaming or scrolling simply can't replicate.

"An intimate relationship between reader and writer, books unlock myriad feelings from joy to sadness to having your mind blown and everything in between. In a world of fast content, diving into a good book has never felt so rewarding."

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