Adrian Peter Tse
Mar 27, 2015

Wrap-up: 9+ things you need to know this week

Facebook and Twitter on creativity and start-ups in Asia, Lee Kuan Yew and brands with bad taste, Wealth-X, Adfest, Southeast Asia's ecommerce scene, creative coding for marketers, China's questions on programmatic, new partnerships, job changes and divisions opening up that you need to know about.

Wrap-up: 9+ things you need to know this week

1. Facebook and Twitter talk creativity and startups in Asia

Marco Corsi, head of global accounts at Facebook discusses the shift in the way regional advertisers are using the social network and Facebook’s plans to capitalise on that.

Dick Costolo, chief executive of Twitter sees a start-up culture in Asia that is getting stronger and different to Silicon Valley.  

2. BreadTalk's apology for a "commemorative bun" marking the passing of Singapore's founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew.

Yes, they did it. And then apologised.

3. Southeast Asia’s booming e-commerce market, targeting Asia’s ultra-high-net-worth individuals, and how social purpose is a new brand imperative

Why ‘Bricks and clicks’ is the best ecommerce mix strategy in the Southeast and how Wealth-X tracks down the world’s super rich and reaches out to them.

Are you building ‘social purpose’ into your brands? Here’s why you might want to consider it.

4. What marketers can learn from creative coders and SXSW insights distilled for Asia

During Adfest in Pattaya (photo gallery), Laurent Thevenet, technical director at BBDO Proximity Singapore spoke to Campaign in an exclusive and punchy video episode about creative coding, offering useful advice to marketers.

US-centric SXSW showcases the latest in digital tech and marketing. The best and most relevant insights for Asia are distilled here.

5. China: questions on programmatic, the Korean cosmetic craze and how BMW China discriminates

Six burning programmatic questions, the infiltration of Korean beauty brands and how BMW China’s use of exclusion got everyone talking.

6. Wins and new divisions

Tiger Beer appoints TSLA as first global digital AOR. Maxus China forms ‘Play’ content division for BoCom, Haier, Sakura. Havas Media Group India wins the digital mandate of Caterpillar India. Text100 India spins off former Bite team into new agency, Hypertext.

7. Partnerships and job changes

Pepsi partners with Music Matters for new artist discovery. Nils Andersson leaves Y&R China for parallel role at TBWA. Commercialize TV appoints Jimmy Au.

8. Campaigns and creative work from Asia and around the world

Find this week’s work here

9. Bridging gaps: an app helping North Korean kids assimilate and the different perceptions in innovation in Hong Kong, China and other places

Cheil Worldwide developed an app that helps children of North Korean defectors cope with language differences as they adjust to life in South Korea.

Finally, how innovation is perceived differently in a five-market study by Ketchum. 



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