Emily Tan
Apr 10, 2015

Wrap-up: 9 things you may have missed, but need to know

Press persecution, Google shenanigans, China's social media, innovation at Microsoft, internet of things, crisis planning, Getty and SG50, and Garissa University College.

Wrap-up: 9 things you may have missed, but need to know

1. Malaysia arrested five editors from The Malaysian Insider and The Edge

The editors were accused of 'sedition' but leaders of the Democratic Action Party (a political coalition that rivals the one currently running the government) have asked if the arrests were an act of revenge over the publications' coverage and analysis of corruption-riddled 1Malaysia Development  

While two of the most senior were held overnight, they have since been released

2. Also in Malaysia, Google has been accused of poaching clients

A small Malaysian-based digital advertising agency has alleged that Google's Singapore and Malaysia office has tampered with its AdWords account and attempted to steal its clients, writes technology business site Digital News Asia.

3. A comparative analysis of China's social media

[email protected] provides campaign with updated charts that benchmark China's social media platforms with the rest of the world. Analysis shows that the emphasis on seperate platforms just isn't relevant anymore. 

4. Microsoft's new innovation guy talks innovation

They've just hired John Oliver to head global innovation. Read on to see if he has what it takes to impact Microsoft. 

5. Our new magazine is out and it talks about the Internet of Things

And lots of other stuff.

6. The Economist launches first bilingual property

It only took them 171 years, but they've launched an app that features content in both English and Mandarin. Check it out, it's free for the first two months. 

7. Plan for a crisis before a crisis

We're written often enough about what to do after the sh*t hits the fan but what if you can speed up your response time, or even prevent the worst, with scenario planning?

8. Win a GoPro for pics of Singapore

Got a camera? Believe you can capture Singapore's diversity? Join Getty's contest celebrating SG50. 

9. Garissa University College massacre

There's not enough on the news about this. There's not enough prominence and not enough people care. We care, you should too. Because 147 students should be alive today, and they're not.


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