Chris Reed
Mar 15, 2015

Why does Singapore Airlines make such boring videos?

I have to conclude that the brand produces the most boring and unappealing content possible.

Why does Singapore Airlines make such boring videos?

Singapore Airlines recently launched its much waited-for Premium Economy class with what must be the most boring video marketing campaign possible. Engaging content marketing this is not. And when I looked back at other Singapore Airlines videos, I have to conclude that the brand produces the most boring and unappealing content possible. 

The whole objective of content marketing is that it is supposed to be engaging and exciting. This is the opposite, and does nothing for the brand. Singapore Airlines is in the airline industry, which is sexy and exciting. It sponsors F1, which is equally so. Therefore how is it possible to produce terrible and sleep-inducing content-marketing videos?

Premium Economy Functional: Where’s the pizzazz and humour, the creativity and sharability? I couldn’t share this socially—it would bore people to tears.


Madame Tussauds Girl: Dull, dull, dull. Yes we know what a waxwork is, and we know how you pose for it. How about something more creative? Something interesting, humorous, sexy, more in keeping with the Singapore Girl brand?


F1: This is baffling to say the least. You take the most world’s sexiest, fastest and most glamorous sport and you make it as boring as possible. Not only that but you surprise people not with a sexy F1 girl experience or VIP experience or track side experience. Nope you surprise them with a free stay at Marina Bay Sands. Why not something like business-class tickets to watch a Grand Prix in Monaco? 


Silver Kris Lounge opening: This is not just bizarre, but non-sensical. Are we supposed to remember the route they lay out on the video and remember how to get there? Why leave the lounge to the last second too? What makes the lounge so exciting? 


SQInsider Episode 4: Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse there’s this. Static frames? Really? If this was a film series, they would have stopped it after one instead of making something longer than the Lord of the Rings. This is supposed to be engaging content that enables you to embrace Singapore Airlines as a brand, but this would put you off not turn you on.


Compare Singapore Airlines' efforts with Air New Zealand’s more daring and creative approach to everything from air safety to sponsorships, and you will see the difference in engaging content marketing by a competitive airline. Could you ever see Singapore Airlines being as irreverent and creative to communicate such serious points?


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