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Feb 16, 2024

Lens to the skies: Singapore Airlines takes creativity to 30,000 feet in new campaign

Shot in tandem with TBWA Singapore, the next iteration of the airline's global 'Welcome to World Class' campaign showcases how inspiration can strike at any moment, even if it's mid-flight.

Lens to the skies: Singapore Airlines takes creativity to 30,000 feet in new campaign

Singapore Airlines has unveiled the next chapter of its global brand campaign, 'Welcome to World Class,' with a new film that takes viewers on an eccentric experience at 30,000 feet.

Shot in collaboration with TBWA Singapore, the film chronicles the story of Julia Nimke, a Berlin-based travel photographer, as she embarks on her journey to exhibit her work at the Leica Gallerie in Singapore, facilitated by Singapore Airlines. The unique twist? Julia has yet to capture the photographs for her exhibit.

Known for her lensing expertise in the travel and tourism realm, Nimke set an ambitious challenge for herself: To shoot, curate, and edit the entire exhibit during her flight at 30,000 feet. This feat is made possible by the personalised experiences provided by Singapore Airlines, which include its renowned in-flight service, curated menus, comfortable seating, and complimentary Wi-Fi available across all cabin classes.

Acknowledging the logistical challenges of shooting on a flight, Jacky Lee, director at Smallshop, emphasised the importance of working discreetly without disturbing other passengers to ensure a seamless outcome for the film. 

Shooting on a plane presents a myriad of challenges, from the confined space to the ever-changing lighting conditions. The film and photographer both had to consider the logistical intricacies of capturing compelling visuals mid-flight. The play of natural light streaming through windows, combined with the artificial cabin lighting and design of the natural surfaces of the aircraft, became essential for creating unique compositions.

Navigating these challenges necessitates a deep understanding of the available environment and a carefully-honed skillset required to transform a commercial flight into an unconventional studio.

Loo Yong Ping, deputy executive creative director at TBWA Singapore, admired Nimke's creative approach to the campaign, sharing, “Julia was a dream to work with. Her unique ability to capture natural, un-staged moments, using available light and space, and still create these beautiful images were truly inspiring.”

“I am a travel photographer, but I’ve always loved capturing the journey as much as the destination," added Nimke. "It was an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience to work on a commercial flight and use the sky as my studio, working with the environment and available light as best as I could.”

Nimke's featured photographs were later exhibited in a private exhibition at the Leica Gallerie, housed at the iconic Raffles Hotel.

Campaign's take: There's no denying this campaign picks up points for originality, creativity and elegance—much like anything else Singapore Airlines has become synonymous with. Nimke's natural talent and creative disposition make the visuals compelling, and it's a unique twist to shooting airline content. The only challenge Campaign poses: Could you re-do the same photos in Economy as you did in Business or First class? Because that'll truly be a film worth watching.


Client: Singapore Airlines  
Creative agency: TBWA\Singapore  
Production: SixToes TV, Smallshop Communications 

TBWA Singapore

Deputy ECD: Loo Yong Ping
Associate Creative Director: Germaine Chen
Head of Copy: Lauren Lim
Content Creator Lead: Don Lim
Senior Copywriter: Jeng Yi Sow
Senior Strategy Director: Abhinit Agarwal
Senior Strategist: Jin Wong
Group Brand Director: Eleni Sardi
Brand Director: Justine Chng
Brand Executive: Hui Jin Teo, Tyrina Toh
Project Manager: Xiwen Ng

Sixtoes TV, Smallshop Communications

Executive Producer: Sariyanti Sannie
Producer: Deena Shareena K, Kim Teo
Photographer: Julia Nimke
Director: Jacky Lee
Executive Producer: Zhiyun Yee
Director of Photography: Juan Qi An

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