Nikita Mishra
Sep 14, 2023

Visa and athlete Siobhán Haughey dive into travel payment security with Olympian finesse

The 25-year-old star swimmer will feature in six bite-sized videos to raise education and awareness for travel payment security.

Visa and athlete Siobhán Haughey dive into travel payment security with Olympian finesse

In a synchronised stroke of genius, global payments juggernaut Visa has teamed up with Olympic medalist, swimming sensation, and world record holder Siobhán Haughey to make waves in the realm of travel payment security. 

The 25-year-old athlete is Hong Kong’s first Olympic medalist in swimming and the first world record-holding swimmer in 200m. As a world-class athlete who keeps pushing her own limits and has broken multiple records in the international sporting arena, Haughey enjoys an iconic status in the region. The partnership with Visa will make a significant impact—Visa sees her as an icon and a frequent traveller who understands the importance of travel payment security. The idea is to capitalise on her star status with payment awareness efforts and bring some Olympian wisdom to the table.

Left to right: Pavan Kumar Muttireddy, head of risk, Visa Hong Kong and Macau; Paulina Leong, GM, Visa Hong Kong and Macau; Siobhán Haughey. Photo: Visa Hong Kong

The heart of this campaign is a series of six bite-sized videos, each featuring Siobhán Haughey as the guide on your payment security journey. Imagine her as your trusty swim coach, but this time, she's diving into the world of secure transactions. From pre-trip preparations to on-the-spot payments, Haughey shares her wisdom in a refreshingly straightforward manner.

Visa isn't splashing all the content at once. They're taking a leisurely lap, releasing one video every two weeks on their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. 

Paulina Leong, general manager for Visa Hong Kong and Macau, is steering this ship. She underscores Visa's commitment to preserving payment integrity, particularly as travel resumes. With Haughey on board, they're not just talking the talk; they're doing the swim.

"As travel resumes, we recognize the need to drive awareness to help consumers protect themselves from fraudulent activities while they make payments abroad. Siobhán’s dedication, perseverance, and passion have inspired countless individuals, which will help Visa reinforce its commitment to driving payment safety for everyone, everywhere,” Leong said. 

Haughey herself is excited to be part of Visa's campaign. Her collaboration with Visa is more than just a partnership; it's a deep dive into payment security knowledge she can't wait to share. 

“I am honored to be a part of Visa’s public education campaign and share tips on travel payment security with everyone. Since borders re-opened, I’m eager to travel again, and I know this is the same for my fellow Hongkongers!

"Collaborating with Visa for this video series has provided me with a unique opportunity to deepen my understanding of payment security and best practices that help ensure safer and more convenient payment experiences. I look forward to applying these tips in my next international trips, and sharing them further with my family, friends and teammates, since I’ve now been taught all the tips from the campaign,” she added. 

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