Surekha Ragavan
May 10, 2022

TSLA’s design practice launches creator index

The index spotlights multidisciplinary Asian creators across the region and is made publicly available and free-of-charge for all.

TSLA’s design practice launches creator index

TSLA’s design practice, Anak, has launched the Asian Creators Index (ACI), a database of production-led creatives across the region. It aims to serve as a ‘one-stop gateway’ to the plethora of diverse design talent in Southeast Asia, South, and East Asia, and to ease the process of agencies or brands looking for collaborators.

The index—designed as a live document—is divided by various mediums such as paper, illustrations, digital art, photography, design, motion, and sound. One will be able to discover specialists such as 3D artists, bamboo sculpture artists, set and sound designers.

Juliana Ong, Anak’s lead art buyer, has been compiling this list of creators from years of regional collaboration. At the moment, ACI features 400 creators that have been selected and reviewed by Ong.

“Asia is home to an incomparable range of styles, crafts, and visual modes born out of its many diverse cultures,” said Ong. “From traditional mediums to cutting-edge techniques, it is a region where the new and modern live harmoniously with the old—where future meets the past.”

She added that some of the world’s best creative talents are based in Asia, but they face a lack of exposure outside their own locales and they may not necessarily be marketing their talents extensively.

“We felt it important to expose these great talents to the rest of the world, through eyes that know and understand the nuances of the different cultures—something that we’ve been fortunate to amass through our decades of work,” said Ong. “And we wanted to do it in a way that evolves from the outdated stereotype of the agency ‘little black book’ or ‘best-kept secret’.”

Not only does ACI serve as a resource for agencies and brands, it can also inspire other creators, particularly those who want to learn about the design and production styles of their peers in the region.

Titiporn Klintachote, an artist featured in the ACI, said: “It’s an amazing source of exposure, and helps you [meet] the many talented artists in Asia. For me, it’s a source of inspiration that gives me so much energy and motivation to create more.”

Anak welcomes creators in Asia to connect so that the agency can get to know them, learn about their work, and review their portfolios to be featured in the ACI. Those interested can contact Juliana at [email protected].

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