Fergus O'Hare
Aug 29, 2017

Thumb-stopping creatives: From touchpoints to trust-points

Multiple touchpoints mean brands are able to get very interactive and personal with their APAC consumers, says Fergus O'Hare at Facebook.

Fergus O'Hare
Fergus O'Hare

When it comes to brand campaigns, familiarity builds trust. Adapting content across an ecosystem of digital platforms ensures a seamless and consistent user experience. Today’s connected environment meets the high-touch needs of consumers to inspire brand discovery, giving brands the opportunity to get personal with their audience.


Ford Carousel

GOAL: Ford launched its Ford EcoSport, a city-sized SUV with features such as keyless entry and push to start. Ford wanted to promote the EcoSport’s unique features and highlight the campaign’s main message “Keyless entry by Ford” to at least 12 million Filipinos.

SOLUTION: Ford wanted to repurpose its 30-second TV commercial for the EcoSport for a young, mobile-savvy audience. They used Facebook’s PockeTVC to turn its commercial into vibrant carousel ads and bite-sized videos for mobile. They also added text to provide context for people watching without sound. Ford’s logo was also included on each ad to increase brand recall. Ford then placed their ads on Facebook and Instagram to identify SUV lovers among males and females aged 18 to 25 in the Philippines. They then retargeted ads to anyone who paused and watched the ad for at least 10 seconds using Custom Audiences. They repeated the retargeting step two more times and encouraged users to sign up for a test drive if they have watched the video the third time.

RESULTS: Facebook helped Ford reach 62 percent of its core target audience in the Philippines, achieving:

  • 12-point increase in ad recall
  • 5-point lift in message association
  • 2x return on ad spend
  • 12 million unique 18- to 25-year-olds in the Philippines reached (65 percent of the core target audience)



GOAL: Flyrobe, a fashion rental service in India, wanted to increase their brand awareness and educate consumers about their unique concept. They also wanted to attract new users and reduce customer acquisition costs.

SOLUTION: Before looking for potential customers, Flyrobe began to recruit designers to work with using Instagram. Once they had a substantial base of designers, Flyrobe created carousel ads to feature their collections and used Facebook and Instagram to help launch their business. The ads targeted people with interests in fashion and technology, and who followed popular fashion influencers. Their ads also included testimonials to build trust with potential customers. Flyrobe then used Custom Audiences to retarget people and showed them tailored creatives to encourage them to return and give the service a try. Mobile app ads were also used with various offers and discounts to entice people to use the app regularly.

RESULTS: Facebook and Instagram helped Flyrobe create a lasting impression with its target audience. During the two-month campaign from June through August 2016, Flyrobe achieved:

  • 8x decrease in cost per acquisition with dynamic ad campaigns
  • 2x decrease in cost per acquisition with Custom Audiences


Final_blibli 22

GOAL: Bibli.com, one of Indonesia’s largest ecommerce companies with more than 40,000 products to choose from, wanted to differentiate itself from other shopping sites and re-brand itself as a supplier for all lifestyles. They also wanted to attract female shoppers to their site.

SOLUTION: Bibli.com crafted a campaign “big choices, big deals” to build awareness of its new brand message—products that suit every lifestyle. They delivered the ads across Facebook and Instagram in two phases, first focusing on brand building and then conversions. In the first phase, Bibli.com repurposed its TV ads and optimized it for mobile by shortening the video, bringing the brand message forward and included captions. The video showcased locals in different scenarios such as running, shopping and riding a motorbike to highlight that Bibli.com had products to suit any need. The used Custom Audience for the second phase for users who have watched the video, where carousel ads were delivered for different demographics. The ads were also designed to attract more female shoppers, and used a combination of video and animated visuals to grab their attention on mobile.

RESULTS: Bibli.com achieved impressive results, with a Millward Brown CrossMedia study showing that Facebook and Instagram contributed to a 20 percent uplift in overall brand metrics. During the May through June 2016 campaign, they achieved:

  • 35 million Indonesians reached (59 percent of the target audience)
  • 10-point lift in ad recall
  • 7-point increase in purchase intent among women (3x higher than Indonesia’s industry average)
  • 57,700 incremental in-app purchases
  • 12 percent incremental reach over other digital platforms

Welks Co 

Welks Co. Ltd.

GOAL: Welks Co., Ltd—an online recruiting service specialising in childcare, nursing, rehabilitation and welfare services in Japan—wanted to optimise its ad placement and improve its efficiency in acquiring new customers.

SOLUTION: Welks first added the Facebook pixel to its website to track which pages people looked at while visiting its “Childcare Jobs” website. They then created a Custom Audience from their website visitors to retarget people with ads tailored to their activity on the site, adding Lookalike Audiences to find new customers with traits similar to current members. They ran their ads across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Network, which consisted of photos and carousel ads, showcasing childcare workers interacting with children, and highlighted the benefits of working with kids. Welks checked the ads daily, and adjusted lower-performing ads, changing the copy or adding different images, to improve response rates.

RESULTS: By optimising ad placement and performance, Welks managed its ad sets in a single campaign and reduced its workload. The one-month campaign between 6 June through 15 July 2016 also achieved:

  • 50 percent decrease in lead cost
  • 4x increase in number of leads per day

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