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Mar 6, 2023

Spikes Asia Awards 2023: Campaign's contenders, part 2

With most Spikes Asia metals set to be awarded tomorrow, our editors pick another round of contenders in selected categories.

Spikes Asia Awards 2023: Campaign's contenders, part 2

With the Spikes Asia Awards 2023 shortlists already released, Campaign's editorial team continues to review some standout campaigns we expect to contend for the sharp, pyramidal trophies in this year's awards.

We chose the first round on Friday, March 3 and continue to bet on the front-runners from different categories. This is by no means an exhaustive list or an expert opinion, nor does it have any bearing on the independent juries. Really, it's just a bit of a fun, and a chance for our uber-trendy team to highlight some good work, exercise their vocabulary and show off their best goofy poses.

Without further ado, today's selection of contenders, in no particular order:


'The Killer Pack'

Brand: Maxx Flash 
Agency: VMLY&R Mumbai
Category: Innovation

What it's about: More than half of the malaria cases in the South-East Asia region and around one-third of global dengue infections occur in India. Mosquitoes carry and transmit these potentially life-threatening diseases. Although Indians use mosquito repellent products to combat mosquitoes inside their homes, disease control authorities have pointed out that new breeding grounds are emerging outside homes, specifically at garbage collection points where mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant water, creating a vicious cycle. To tackle the rising number of dengue and malaria cases, VMLY&R collaborated with Maxx Flash to create a new type of packaging for mosquito repellent coils. While the non-toxic coils can repel mosquitoes indoors, the disposable packaging kills mosquito larvae in their early life cycle. The Killer Pack packaging is designed to be disposed of in areas where mosquitoes are concentrated. Once disposed of, the packaging disintegrates, and the lining, which contains 5% active probiotic bacillus thuringiensis, can kill mosquito larvae within a 45-foot radius. The World Health Organization, the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and the Indian Council of Medical Research have all approved the packaging.

Nominated by: Shawn Lim, media and technology editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific 

“I appreciate the campaign by Maxx Flash as it creatively tackles the issue of rising malaria and dengue infections in India caused by mosquitoes. The campaign not only raises awareness of the problem but offers a practical solution through innovative packaging for mosquito repellent coils. The packaging not only repels mosquitoes inside homes but also kills mosquito larvae early in their life cycle when the packaging is disposed of in areas where mosquitoes concentrate. This approach targets breeding grounds outside homes, such as garbage collection points, which were identified as a significant source of the problem. The fact that the packaging has received approval from reputable health organizations further adds credibility to the campaign's effectiveness. Overall, this campaign stands out as a smart and practical solution that can make a real impact on the health of people in India.”

'The Innocent Eyes'

Brand: Monde Nissin, Thailand
Agency: Ogilvy Bangkok
Category: Film 

What it's about: This film is one of a series of hilarious films in which Ally eats a Voiz brand snack, in this case a waffle crisp, only to have her male coworker try to get her to share with him. Knowing the ancient adage that you can tell someone’s true motivations by looking into their eyes, Ally goes to various lengths to get the coworker’s eyes to reveal his true intentions. In this film he pretends to be interested in her, but she forces him to take off in sunglasses and gets his eyeballs out of his sockets to reveal he’s more interested in the snack than her.  In other series films, Left and Right, The Battle and Contact Lens (all four are shortlisted in the Film category) she manipulates his eyeballs to reveal the truth in various ways.  

Nominated by: Robert Sawatzky, editorial director

“After years of so much caution through the seriousness of the pandemic it’s just refreshing to have ads make us laugh again. And while a funny one-off can be cute, it’s in these episodic films (like the Grand Prix Film winner in 2019 for JMS) where you get to know the characters, their motivations, and genuinely look forward to seeing the next ad. That’s a rarity in this heavy day and age.”  

'Voice of the Sea'

Brand: Australia Marine Conservation Society-Innocean Worldwide Australia 
Agency: Innocean Worldwide Australia
Category: Music

What it's about: A national anthem to protect the ocean, Innocean helped the Australia Marine Conservation Society(AMCS) launch this campaign. Voice of the Sea presents Australian country music, from lyrics to lessons, with an animated film. When the song was released, AMCS marine biologists visited schools for one-on-one lessons, and schools across the country resonated the sound to pick it up and perform it at their end-of-year concerts to thousands of parents. The campaign is said to reach over 4 million ocean protectors across broadcast and digital channels and earned 3.3 million media impressions in just one week. 

Nominated by: Minnie Wang, senior reporter, Greater China, Campaign Asia-Pacific 

“School children echoed the voice of the sea as ambassadors to reach their parents and lovely families and spread a more vital message to protect the ocean in the country. This is not just a song for the sea but a call from the next generation. The power campaign is not just about video and sound. The way of interaction and presentation reaches the hearts and minds of the audience and families with a more substantial impact and call to action to protect the ocean. The most impressive results are AMCS subscribers grew over 200% YoY, and the average age was 31, much younger than its typical audience of 50+. ”



Brand: SOS Children's Villages of India
Agency: Kinnect
Category: Social and Influencer

What it's about: In the streets of Mumbai’s biggest slums, Dharavi, a 10-year-old influencer emerged who creates unique, authentic content while raising awareness and funds for the homeless and needy of the country. FCB India, FCB Chicago and Kinnect launched this concept and the first brand ambassador for the non-profit SOS Children’s Villages; in no time this became an exceedingly successful social movement, uniting multiple brands and driving funds for a noble cause.

Nominated by: Nikita Mishra, deputy editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific 

Everything begins with an idea. To launch a campaign on almost zero budget and build it into a self-sustaining cycle of donations, seems like a tall ask. But again, the best ideas are borne out of adversity and the wild success of Chatpat is a manifestation of that. .”  

'The Comeback' 

Brand: iPhone
Agency: TBWA Media Arts Lab Shanghai
Category: Film Craft

What it's about: Written and directed by Zhang Meng, ‘The Comeback’ is a story of an injured stunt double who returns home for Chinese New Year to be with his father, nurse an injury, and ruminate over his perceived failure. But the villagers of this quaint town celebrate his return as the “big director.” They convince him to make a movie on their unknown village to make it “internet famous.” The filmmaking process brings the clan together as they craft and create a movie set on Mars—scripting, costume making, and building sets —in these little acts, the young man’s dreams and beliefs are reignited.

Nominated by: Nikita Mishra, deputy editor, Campaign Asia-Pacific

"For me, the concept is a winner. The iterations of the ‘Shot on iPhone’ series have become an annual feature, nonetheless, serve as an effective reminder that the craft of filmmaking does not have to be intimidating. That the lack of equipment or technical prowess should not come in the way of ideas and intent. The end result achieved with just a three-phone set-up, no fancy lenses or big-budget equipment is an artistic dream and a testament to iPhone’s bragging rights."


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