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Sep 5, 2018

Social Spotlight report illuminates the ☺ and ☹ of APAC’s most visible brands

Produced by Digimind in partnership with Campaign Asia Pacific, the research dives deeper in social media trends among Asia’s Top 100 Brands.

Social Spotlight report illuminates the ☺ and ☹ of APAC’s most visible brands

With Asia’s Top 1000 Brands for 2018 now under the microscope, one component of the foremost brands’ strategy begs further investigation—social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the like now serve as the perfect tool to outshine the competition. A well-run social campaign, a viral post, an uncanny piece of content that resonates with the culture is invaluable to those looking to make some noise within their industry. But we can’t all be on the winning side of such cutthroat platforms. Success stories provide some food for thought for sure, but perhaps even more emotive are the campaigns that struck a nerve with audiences.

Social Spotlight aims to further understand how Asia’s Top 100 brands performed on social media vis-a-vis their respective industries and peers over the past year. Carried out by Digimind in partnership with Campaign Asia Pacific, its explores:

  • Big moves and newcomers in Asia's Top 100 Brands
  • The FIFA World Cup's landmark influence
  • The most visible brands’ standout social campaigns
  • A deep-dive into 11 market sectors
  • The best localised marketing across 14 countries
  • Key learning points, inspiration, the dos and don'ts of each industry
  • And more...

Download the full report here.

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