Megan Gell
Jan 15, 2018

SilkAir launches new Boeing fleet in style

Y&R Singapore tasked with translating new hardware into 'moments of joy' for well-travelled audience.

On Board Experience with hosts En Lai and Shu Ann
On Board Experience with hosts En Lai and Shu Ann

SilkAir, the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, wanted to celebrate the arrival of its new aircraft, the Boeing 737 MAX 8, in late 2017. The first of 37 MAX 8s ordered, the delivery marked a milestone in SilkAir’s long-term plan to transition to an all-Boeing fleet—both to grow its capacity, and expand its network.

The new MAX 8s can fly to destinations within a seven-hour range, allowing the airline to offer access to destinations deeper into the region. The new aircraft also offers customers an enhanced on-board experience, in line with the carrier’s focus on ‘joyful journeys’.


The guest list for the October 04 event comprised local media, trade partners, aviation and travel industries, and influencers.

Hand-delivered music boxes were used as invitations

“Understanding that these guests are often invited to trade and media events, we wanted to delight them in a heart-warming way by hand-delivering some form of joy right from the start,” says Fung Wee Chew, account director of organiser Y&R Singapore.

“Instead of doing a regular invitation, we thought that as kids we were all mesmerised by the twinkle of the music box, which conjures images of far-flung lands and diverse cultures.

“We rekindled that magic through the SilkAir Music Box, which featured the destinations the MAX 8 will fly to. The SilkAir MAX 8 Music Box aims to deliver the new joy of flying directly into the hands
of our guests inviting them to be part of the brand’s monumental event.”


The challenge of impressing frequent flyers continued through the event. “Today flying is no longer a novelty, and even more so for seasoned travellers,” says Chew. “Airlines have begun to meld into the same vanilla [styles], and the same comforts. Our job as the client’s strategic brand partner was to find a way to excite travellers in the region. What we set out to do was to bring back the joy of flying.”

Every touchpoint at the event was designed to deliver “moments of joy” and showcase SilkAir’s on-board hospitality. A “Joy Photo Booth” allowed guests to capture memorable moments through a GIF image that could be shared externally on their social media. Guests also had the opportunity to join an on-board tour of the new plane.

Photo booth fun

“We had to decide how to soften the welcoming of a new fleet and translate it to meaningful moments and thoughtful touches for travellers,” says Chew. “So instead of a plane walk-through by the cabin crew, we decided to create a complete, synchronised atmosphere on-board from a welcome light show with the Boeing interior lights to local entertainers Chua En Lai and Oon Shu An delivering these enhancements interestingly.”

“Guests were also able to experience SilkAir’s in-flight experiences for Business Class passengers— from a cup of gourmet coffee from illycaffè, to the ‘All-Time Favourite’ meals,” says Chew.

SATS Catering transformed SilkAir’s ‘All-Time Favourites’ menu into canapés; giving a taste of authentic Singapore flavours also available at 10,000 metres above ground.

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