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Feb 27, 2024

Ogilvy ANZ unpacks the 'Science of Feeling Good' in Laser Clinics Group campaign

Rolling out globally from ANZ to Canada and the UK, the campaign focuses on empowering individuals of all sizes, shapes, genders and backgrounds to embrace aesthetic treatments to feel bolder in their skin.

Ogilvy ANZ unpacks the 'Science of Feeling Good' in Laser Clinics Group campaign

In an initiative to reshape the aesthetic treatment landscape, Ogilvy Network ANZ has launched a new global brand campaign for Laser Clinics Group—one of the world's leading treatment clinics—spanning key markets such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. 

Released under the banner of "The Science of Feeling Good", the campaign seeks to spotlight the confidence instilled by aesthetic treatments by focusing on their emotional benefit. The approach is a departure from the typical 'functional' advertising in this sector, which is usually centred around the medical merit of engaging with such services. It also aims to inspire consumers to feel bolder and more comfortable in their skin, regardless of age, body type, ethnicity or gender.

Speaking on its objectives, Clare Lambert, Ogilvy Sydney's client lead, underscored the importance of accentuating the clinical efficacy of Laser Clinics Group while fostering a connection with consumers on a deeper emotional level. 

"This is the first time any brand in the category is speaking to consumers on an emotional level. We opted to take this approach because while Laser Clinics Group sells treatments, it does so in a way that doesn’t compel consumers to conform to any beauty standards—it just encourages them to feel good, whatever that might mean for them. Because, at the end of the day, confidence isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Feeling confident manifests differently for everyone, which became the central point for the new brand,” Lambert shared in a press release.

Ogilvy Sydney's executive creative director (ECD) Clark Edwards added: “Today, in an industry dominated by a sea of same, setting Laser Clinics apart and giving the brand emotional resonance was a great challenge to rise to.”

This campaign marks Ogilvy's inaugural work following its appointment by Laser Clinics Group in 2023, beginning as a strategic initiative encompassing PR, influencer engagement, and social support. Over time, Ogilvy's role has expanded to cover end-to-end brand strategy and creative execution across digital, media, and in-store platforms.

The campaign will be disseminated across various channels, TV, social media, digital out-of-home (DOOH), traditional out-of-home (OOH), and in-store assets.

Campaign's take: While it's undeniable that the new campaign boasts a visually vibrant aesthetic, and the diversity is well-lauded and always welcome, we're not sure that the notion of delving into the "science of feeling good" quite comes off as groundbreaking as anticipated. Admittedly, many consumers frequent laser and aesthetic clinics with the primary goal of enhancing their appearance, thereby boosting their confidence—a decision often rooted in emotion.

Essentially, if there's no immediate need for treatments (e.g. medical reasons), it's typically a pursuit of maintaining or attaining a higher beauty standard—which is of course, entirely acceptable if that's what they want, and allows people the freedom to explore their best selves.

However, the idea that it's the first time anyone has approached treatments from a non-functional standpoint might seem a bit unjust, as it overlooks the intrinsic motivations driving many consumers towards non-mandatory aesthetic treatments in the first place. A welcome effort to bridge the self-confidence gap nonetheless.


Brand strategy & creative campaign: Ogilvy Australia
TV production company: Finch
Stills production: Entropico
Media: Neo
Music composition & sound house: Rumble


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