Minnie Wang
Feb 26, 2021

Moutai loosens even more tongues in holiday rap about China's 'national liquor'

INSPIRATION STATION: To promote the booze brand to a younger generation with an international edge, three foreigners joined a Chinese rap, creating a social-media sensation.

Moutai loosens even more tongues in holiday rap about China's 'national liquor'

Before Chinese New Year, China’s nationally famous liquor brand Moutai released a rap song on its official WeChat account that proved to be an instant hit.

It coincided with the brand's stock price soaring to record highs (though it came back down after the holidays), although this has a lot to do with supply and demand. In China, because the supply of Moutai liquor cannot meet the demand of the market, it is very hard to buy a bottle of Moutai, and the price of the “national liquor” has continually climbed higher over the years.

Nonetheless, the rap has caught the attention of many as an alternate marketing strategy. Observers in China have pointed out how Moutai is promoting a more international brand image, while also reaching out to a younger generation, just as The Rap of China, an popular online rappers’ competition, is popular among young people.

The song was produced by Moutai's integrated media center as part of a nine-pronged marketing strategy: Project marketing, culture marketing, event marketing, service marketing, online marketing, individualized marketing, emotion marketing, credibility marketing, and wisdom marketing.

The three-minute video features three young foreigners in Maotai City, Guizhou province, where Moutai is based, visiting the city and rapping about their love for the liquor. On Bilibili, the video website of choice for young Chinese, one uploaded video got more than 400,000 viewers and thousands of likes. The song was sung in Chinese with English subtitles. 

Lyrics in English:

Oh it’s Moutai.
Call me not Laowai
Cause I know Chinese wine
Ask not who am I
What I like is Kweichou Moutai
Ask not what and why
Oh it’s Moutai.
Life is fun when you have Moutai
Oh it’s Moutai.
The world is now gonna see “China Style”
Oh it’s Moutai.
Moutai fans are always gonna love this style
A map of great wines
What I can say, oh, my!
Honors won
Oh, you just can’t count!
Who else? How difficult can it be guess?
A spread brand whose fragrance spreads far and wide
All eyes, yeah.
Right on the wine
The grace of China
Aha it’s beyond compare.
Brimming with profound culture
And born in the cradle of nature.
Whose value soars up high!
Oh it’s Moutai.
The world of Moutai fans
Aha that’s right!
No need a tune for this wine
The fragrance spreads far and wide
Just so cool
Just so exhilarating
Oh it’s Moutai.
From the depths of fine mountains
New wine comes from September 9
Wind intoxicates the nearby homes.
Fragrance has nowhere to hide
Oh! Oh! Moutai go high
Oh! Oh! Moutai so swag

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