Chris Reed
Feb 27, 2014

LinkedIn company page vs corporate website: Which is more important?

There is a raging debate amongst marketing and corporate communications professionals as to what is more engaging and important: your company’s LinkedIn page or your company’s website? Undoubtedly, I believe that it is your LinkedIn company page. Here's why.

LinkedIn company page vs corporate website: Which is more important?

Many people say that they have posted blogs and articles on their company website and no one has read them let alone shared them. The answer is obvious, no one is following your website, and unless you or someone in your company shares your blog or content from your site with their followers and that is reshared then no one is going to read your content from your corporate website.

If you post a blog or content or news release on your LinkedIn company page, it appears on all those updates of those who are following your company page. It also appears on all those personal profile feeds of people who like, comment or reshare it, which can add many tens if not hundreds of thousands more people who will see your content.  

More to the point, it can be reshared again into groups and debates and discussions started on all these platforms–should your blog / content / release be thought-provoking enough. The latter doesn’t happen on your company website.

So what does a company site have that a LinkedIn company pafge does not? Nothing. Ask the question the other way around and the answer is engaged followers and advocates. One is a graveyard for content and one is an engaging social platform born to share content with an interested target audience.

Have you tried going to a company website from your Linkedin mobile app and then back again? Not the easiest thing to do but staying with the LinkedIn app and visiting the company page on it is dead easy.

With everyone’s format being the same on LinkedIn it’s easy to see and compare products and services, jobs, careers, insights and news feeds. You can also guarantee that you can see your LinkedIn company page on your mobile. The same can't be said for many company sites, even in 2014.

The engagement analysis on your LinkedIn company page is also fantastic. I wish LinkedIn would offer this for personal pages too. You can see page views, clicks, interaction and engagement figures for every post, which gives you invaluable information as to what content your company followers are interested in and engaging with. Much better than Google Analytics.

There is also one overwhelming reason why you have no excuse not to have a LinkedIn company page: it’s free, takes minimal design initiative and is a great way to engage with a target audience of current employees, wannabe employees, stakeholders, partners, advertisers and anyone else interested in doing business with or for your company. 

The same cannot be said of a corporate website, which often can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and still cannot easily be seen on a mobile phone, let alone engaged with.

What do you think? LinkedIn company page or corporate website? Can you live without your corporate website? Where should you spend your time for the greatest effect?


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