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Jun 23, 2015

Lenovo's Gary Milner joins 'Video tipping point' webcast

How do you incorporate programmatic buying with a video strategy? Can you use it in retargeting? What’s the best way to get a boost across your channels or platforms? Is viewability still an issue? What are the biggest challanges and advantages to a programmatic video strategy?

Lenovo's Gary Milner joins 'Video tipping point' webcast

It's no secret online video is growing into a massive consumer magnet. Data metrics firm comScore reports consumers worldwide are gobbling up close to 1,000 minutes of online video content every month with hundreds of videos viewed on multiple devices.

While there’s clearly opportunity for advertisers to be part of the trend, turning that into an advantage takes more than just knowing the stats. On our next webcast, Video tipping point, we ask experts how the real work is done and we’re pleased to announce industry veteran Gary Milner will be on hand to share his experience and take your questions.

Milner is Lenovo’s global digital marketing manager and has a deep understanding of technical metrics around online video including finding the right measurements and ensuring viewability. But he can also speak to the emotional quotient needed in video ads. At the electronics giant he focuses on digital media buying and campaign optimization. Be it SEO, RTB or SEM, Milner has experience in the field at one of Asia’s largest brands. From branding to ecommerce, his perspective on digital video comes direct from experience so take the opportunity to learn from his practicle knowledge.

[email protected]’s regional managing director for APAC Chris Actis, who has led large client engagements in the US, China and Asia Pacific will also be on hand. In China, Actis worked on the P&G account and oversaw video investment on Youku and Tudou. He also helped Walmart fine tune its programmatic effort, running advanced targeting programs.

For the ad-tech perspective, Cindy Deng, Turn’s APAC managing director, who specializes in digital marketing, will also join the conversation. She has the data on which sectors are leveraging video with the most success and will speak from a digital strategy perspective. Her real-world advice will compliment the agency and brand views for a full picture on how you can combine social with video, stimulate stickiness and deliver key audiences.

Join us on 30 June at 07.30 am India, 10 am Singapore/Hong Kong, and 12 pm Sydney .

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