Faaez Samadi
Nov 29, 2018

How YouAppi helped Bukalapak become Indonesia’s leading app

CASE STUDY: Strong audience data and fast optimisation combined to bring many new users to Bukalapak’s platform.

How YouAppi helped Bukalapak become Indonesia’s leading app

Background and aim

Bukalapak is one of Indonesia’s largest unicorns, a leading online marketplace that allows anyone to open an online store to serve prospective buyers all over Indonesia. Individuals or companies can buy and sell all type of products, both new and used, from plastic soldiers worth 100 rupiahs (US$0.01) to gemstones worth 6 billion rupiahs (US$419,000).

Bukalapak wanted to focus on user acquisition and partner with mobile marketing platform YouAppi to become the leading app in the Google Play store. It also wanted to increase the number of transactions coming from the newly acquired users, while keeping customer acquisition cost below an agreed amount. Bukalapak’s data shows that Android dominates the market in Indonesia, so the campaign focused on Android users only.


Since 2013, YouAppi has worked with the world’s largest shopping apps, which has allowed the company to collect vast amounts of audience data across all verticals. The 2 billion audience profiles available from YouAppi dramatically increased the effectiveness of Bukalapak’s ads. Combining the unique audience data with fast optimisation processes, YouAppi was able to hit Bukalapak’s purchase rate goal within the first week of the campaign. After several successful months of ongoing campaigns, a unique purchase metric was added to the optimisation strategy to push for further quality.


YouAppi delivered Bukalapak’s initial goal within the first month, hitting a 59% purchase rate from new users. The partnership continued to thrive; six months after the campaign launch, YouAppi was delivering a 205% purchase rate and a 14% unique purchase rate from the new users gained.

Bukalapak reached the top ranking for free apps in the Indonesian Google Play store, which typically correlates to a large uplift in organic installs. This means YouAppi was able to acquire high-quality paying users while also contributing to the jump in rankings Bukalapak experienced during the campaign. Combining the high rate of paying customers with a lowered acquisition cost, the partnership has been a huge success for both parties. YouAppi continues to drive high-quality acquisition of new users at the lowest possible price for Bukalapak.


Niva Widya, senior acquisition marketing manager
Yudistira Ditya Pratama, mobile app digital marketing lead

Anna Mareta, regional manager Southeast Asia

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