Babar Khan Javed
Mar 1, 2018

Google launches site comparison tool

On the heels of Mobile World Congress, Google has released two tools to help advertisers and agencies understand the importance of mobile optimisation.

Google launches site comparison tool

Advertisers and agencies can now rank digital assets and make the business case for optimisation.

Two new tools by Google allow companies to rank site speed and build a data-driven business case for improving site optimisation.

Capable of analyzing over 1000 websites across 12 countries, the Speed Scorecard tool allows advertisers and agencies to compare mobile pages against up to 10 competitors.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the tool will rank the URLs by speed and form a list on its own.

For 3G connections, Google recommends advertisers and agencies invest in optimisations that bring mobile speed to 5 seconds while asserting that 4G connections shouldn't exceed 3 seconds.

The second tool will allow advertisers and agencies to build a financially driven business case to decision makers, backing up the feasibility of improving site speed.

Google's internal analysis has found that advertisers and agencies stand to lower conversions by up to 20% with one-second delays in page load time. Measuring how much potential revenue can be gained with a faster site, the Impact Calculator takes in data on monthly visitors, the average order value in US$, and the conversion rate.

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