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Dec 17, 2019

Girls just want to have fun and…look cute when they’re tipsy?

A new makeup line brought to you by intoxication and shame.

Girls just want to have fun and…look cute when they’re tipsy?

Japanese canned alcoholic drink Horoyoi has launched a limited-edition makeup line in the Philippines for those who want to achieve the elusive ‘drunk-but-cute’ look. The look – focused on flushed cheeks – is called igari or ‘hangover makeup’ in Japan and has been touted as a makeup trend.

Bannering its 3% alcohol content and female-targeted branding, Horoyoi’s line is made up of the Happy Hour blush, Say Cheers! liquid lipstick, and the Glow Home liquid highlighter.

The campaign – conceptualised by Ogilvy Philippines – has commissioned local beauty and lifestyle influencers who carried messages of responsible drinking on Instagram, all while armed with a can of Horoyoi.

Much of the Suntory-owned brand’s messaging has been about encouraging girls to have fun on ‘sweet flavours’ and a ‘gentle buzz’ while still looking cute. If you don’t believe us, just look at these ads from the brand’s Philippines Instagram page – one of which features girls having pillow fights in their PJs.

So ladies, if you want him to call you back, go forth and embrace the igari for a chance to say 'I woke up like this'. 

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