Four tech trends transforming marketing creativity in 2024

From mobile production to 3D modeling, GrowthOps' team of creatives and strategists identify the technologies they see influencing creative production the most in the coming year.

Four tech trends transforming marketing creativity in 2024

In the fast-paced world of business, being adaptable is super important. Technology is changing how marketing works. A recent study found that a whopping 82% of forward-thinking business leaders in Singapore feel it's crucial to learn new skills because of artificial intelligence.

But here's the catch: even though technology is booming, it's kind of putting a damper on creativity. People are so focused on quick wins that they're making a ton of generic stuff that doesn't let real creativity shine. But don't worry, good things are happening too, thanks to some affordable creative tech, a slower economy, and a need for more creativity.

Here are four trends that are helping brands make a lasting impression:

1. Generative AI: Supercharge your ideas

Imagine having a tool that transforms your ideas into reality at an astonishing speed. That's precisely what generative AI is achieving. Runway's Film Award is, for example, a remarkable innovation propelling creative ideas, especially with text-based solutions.

Marketers are leveraging AI across diverse applications, from crafting compelling email content to shaping engaging social media posts. Using Gen AI and ChatGPT is a game-changer for SEO. It's not just the next step; it's the smart step for staying ahead.

2. Mobile video production: Tell stories in a flash

Today's mobile phones boast the capability to record in exceptional high quality, and apps like Bytedance Capcut and YouTube Create have revolutionised the landscape of mobile film editing, making the process effortlessly seamless. In a world where attention spans are growing shorter, the spotlight is firmly on the realm of short videos.

3. Motion capture and 3D modeling: Dive into immersive experiences

Imagine blurring the lines between the physical and digital worlds. That's what motion capture and 3D modeling do. Augmented reality (AR) continues to open up new ways to be creative, but next generation technology will create mind-blowing experiences that change the way stories are told.

4. Domain expertise: Ride the tech wave

As tech gets more accessible, what really makes agencies stand out is knowing their domain expertise. Meta and Microsoft's Llama 2, an open-source AI, underscores how important it is for agencies to use tech creatively. Agencies have to be quick, be creative, and make sure their unique expertise allows content to get to the right people in a crowded space.

As we navigate this transformative landscape, these trends have the capability to catalyse innovation and create lasting impressions. As tech speeds up the development of ideas, fast production is changing how we tell stories, and with 3D tech making things immersive, the future promises endless new storytelling possibilities. The time to learn, evolve and seize these opportunities is now.

We welcome the era of the tech-infused creative revolution!

GrowthOps authors L - R: Chris Greenough, general manager & regional head of creative services; Adzam Bahrin, regional creative director; Mariana Miloski, group account director; Arshad Ahamed, regional director of media and brand strategy; and Nitesh Shrivastava, director of SEO and analytics.

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