Minnie Wang
Jul 27, 2023

Burger King sells more burgers in Taiwan with AI assistant

INSPIRATION STATION: Appier’s AI technology is boosting interaction and conversions for Burger King online in Taiwan, and generating customised offers for consumers regardless of weather conditions.

Burger King sells more burgers in Taiwan with AI assistant

When you open the website of Burger King in Taiwan, a new customer journey interacting with AI starts from the very first click. With the support from Appier’s AI-powered Personalization Cloud, Burger King’s campaign is not just about a TVC or endorsement, but more about a personal and highly-interactive experience beyond the brick-and-mortar stores. 

The brand, together with Appier, utilise AI technology to analyse on-site behaviour and data, automatically sending personalised offers to boost the official website's conversion rate.

Once AI detects a user's intent to leave the site, the system will automatically trigger a pop-up window with a discount offer, which is said to reach a conversion rate of 31%.To increase per-customer transaction, AI assists the brand in setting up various reward thresholds based on current cart value, incentivising customers to purchase more and achieved an average click-through rate of 27%.

According to Eric Lee, vice president of enterprise solution sales Appier Greater China and Japan, “Employing this approach prevents the brand from bombarding potential customers. Instead, it fosters the transformation of visitors into loyal customers by personalising engagement content, products, and incentives based on a more holistic view of the users”.

Throughout the customer journey, AI supports the brand to connect with its customers by building various customised design and offer for consumers. With Integrated Appier’s AI Personalization Cloud with the OpenWeather API, consumers will have recommendations from Burger Kings based on the local weather conditions in the user’s location. AI will sell cold drinks or soup based on the local temperature and push delivery promotions to target customers in the event of a higher chance of rain.


Burger King Taiwan and Appier began their collaboration in April 2022. The AIQUA technology helps brands “to enhance the quality of their engagement with end users by delivering AI-personalised messages across all marketing channels at the right touchpoints, including web, app, push notifications, email, SMS, and social messaging channels”, Lee added. 

Burger King’s Taiwan marketing is not just backed by AI technology since the team at Appier also work as consumers to provide feedback and professional consulting on new products, such as the newly launched plant-based meat burger.

Though the brand did not disclose whether the new marketing model will be adopted in other markets, Burger King is building long-term benefits from AI technology, according to Karin Jiang, marketing director of Burger King Taiwan.

“Looking ahead, Burger King Taiwan is excited to sustain our collaboration with Appier, planning more eye-catching and customer-centric marketing campaigns, fostering website interaction and conversions, and strengthening our customer loyalty relationships."

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