Chris Reed
May 29, 2013

Boyce Avenue - Social media kills the record company

Boyce Avenue performed a classic acoustic set at the Music Matters conference last week in Singapore and wowed those who had never seen them (like me!) despite having ONE BILLION views on YouTube.

Boyce Avenue - Social media kills the record company

They are the world’s most viewed independent band with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Who needs a record deal when you have the power to create your own songs, promote them through a global video service and tour consistently? Clearly not Boyce Avenue who gave up their record label and decided to do their own thing. With power of social media behind them, hard work and great content they can't fail.

Well what would a record label bring a band that had a billion global views? They only 1.6 million likes on facebook and 400,000 followers on twitter so there is clearly some improvement there.....!

What I love about the band was how hard working they are and how down to earth they were. They don’t care where they perform; a showcase to a few hundred people at a conference or a free live concert on a drunken night in Clarke Quay, Singapore. They give their all because it’s all content to them to be shared and enjoyed around the world.

They really epitomise the empowerment of music artists in 2013. YouTube was celebrated consistently at Music Matters and rightfully so. It had made stars of people who don’t have big corporations behind them and have their destiny in their own hands. You put the work in you reap the rewards, simple!

Boyce Avenue have really worked YouTube all they can, even teaming up with other YouTube stars to work together on growing each other's fan base and sharing quality music. Why share the proceeds with record companies when you can go alone and gain a greater share of the profits.

Touring hundreds of small and medium sized venues across the world fuels the fan’s passion and that in turn fuels the YouTube views. It’s all filmed whether by fans or by the band and recycled for more content sharing which becomes the opposite of a vicious circle, a lovely spiral of upwardly mobile success!

All based on truly remarkable live acoustic performances.

The irony is that most of the content is not their own. Boyce Avenue only have a handful of original content. The rest are covers. Quite cool covers but nevertheless content that you can get elsewhere by the original artist. This content is then just given then Boyce Avenue treatment and suddenly it's compelling.

Their one truly spine-tingling song, “On My Way” is an original, it’s a pity that they can’t produce more of their own in a similar vein but why bother creating your own content when you can re-use someone else’s? Isn’t the social media way?! Easier to break an existing, well known song than an original sound.

With fans and friends from bands like the all conquering One Direction, Boyce Avenue’s social status just keeps rising and their brand of re-made acoustic content keeps resonating with more and more people.

Boyce Avenue are real social media marketing stars that show the way to create and market content to an ever growing audience and then turn that into revenue generation while building their brand socially and with minimal marketing costs. Social media enterprise at it's best.

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