Byravee Iyer
Mar 21, 2014

Asia is a fundamental cornerstone for global agency MediaCom

GLOBAL – Toby Jenner, MediaCom's global chief business development officer, talks to Campaign Asia-Pacific about how the agency pulled off an enviable year.

Toby Jenner
Toby Jenner

MediaCom grabbed new clients like Coca-Cola, Fonterra and Sony and produced strong work for established clients P&G and Volkswagen. Consequently, Recma named it 2013’s most successful agency. 

Jenner, who was in Singapore earlier this week, joined MediaCom as Australiasia CEO in 2008. He was quickly rose to COO, Asia-Pacific, in 2011. Last year, he became global chief business development officer. Based in New York, his job is to attract and grow business around the world. He reports directly to Stephan Allan, Mediacom’s worldwide chairman and chief executive.

How would you describe MediaCom’s stature within GroupM?

I think increasingly MediaCom is building a content and connections business. The agency also functions around a broader communication plan or what we call a system, versus individual silos. Finally, it’s about planning for outcomes, not inputs. That would be the key points of difference between us and any agency.

What is the agency’s strategy in Asia?

Asia accounts for a third of global revenue, which I think is hugely encouraging from where we were five years ago. So you can see how important Asia is. As for the quality of work, it’s fuelling the rest of the world. The work we do on P&G, which has been born out of Asia, is being rolled out globally. Coca-Cola is being led by people based in Singapore. Asia is a fundamental cornerstone of our business and best practice.

What is the agency’s biggest task in the region?

We’re doing such great work and we have such great people. But we don’t talk about it. We have to share some of the thinking and things that are unique to us and make us the fastest-growing network. MediaCom is also keen to expand even more in the region. We are in the top three now, which means there are two networks bigger than us.

How would you rate the work coming out of the industry in this region?

I think there’s some really good work in pockets. India and Australia do great work. There’s good work in pockets of Southeast Asia, but I’d like to see a little more consistency there. Overall, the work coming out of Asia is exceptional and stands head-to-head with global campaigns. What works for MediaCom is the breadth and depth at our disposal. We don’t have any office with two or three people. The smallest office we have in Asia is 23 people. The bedrock, foundation clients like Fonterra, P&G, Coke and Shell require a level of personnel. Ultimately, It’s people that deliver great planning and execution. 


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