Jenny Chan 陳詠欣
May 7, 2014

180China establishes digital arm RITMOT with Taoist slant

SHANGHAI - Independent creative shop 180China has consolidated its digital teams to establish RITMOT, an acronym for 'reversal is the movement of [the] Tao', as a separate digital business.

RITMOT is based on a Taoist principle
RITMOT is based on a Taoist principle

Headquartered in Shanghai, RITMOT (睿迈) will represent "higher quality services in the digital realm" using a D+B strategic model (Digital insight + Big data), according to Stone Lei, founder and president of 180China.

In a interactive and participative digital age, brands need to keep in mind that consumers are reinventing themselves as people with multiple digital identities as they engage in different relationships and activities, said Lei.

To optimise communication efforts in marketing campaigns, Lei suggested that brands must understand 'digital insight' arising from big data that mines consumers' digital habits, usage experiences and behaviourial patterns.

That is the founding premise of RITMOT, which will be a one-stop digital full-service agency with capabilities in digital creativity, social marketing, digital-media planning and procurement. In addition, RITMOT will also have resources from collective collaboration with 180China's teams in both Beijing and Dalian.

The core value of the RITMOT name is derived from a principle in the Tao Te Ching by philosopher Lao Tzu: 'Reversal is the movement of the Tao' (when the development of anything brings it to one extreme, a reversal to the other extreme takes place).

Creation of the next big idea needs "reversed thinking that subverts the orthodox", according to Lei, who felt digital creativity should surpass conventional advertising norms. Making sure RITMOT inherits this non-orthodox model from 180China, recently named as one of the world's leading independent agencies by Campaign UK, Lei wants brands to look at independents "with a fresh pair of eyes". 


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